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Poe's The Black Cat

Created by BIA

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Poe, Edgar Allan
Poes The Black Cat game quiz
"This quiz contains ten multiple choice questions over the Edgar Allan Poe story, 'The Black Cat.'"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Out of all the different kinds of animals, what kind of animal did the narrator and his wife NOT have?
    A rat
    A goldfish
    A dog
    A rabbit

2. What animal did the narrator cut the eye out of?
    The dog
    The rabbit
    The rat
    The cat

3. What was specifically caught on fire in the story?
    The rug
    The curtains
    The narrator's coat
    The narrator's wife

4. What had the narrator hung in the garden?
    The dog
    The narrator's wife
    The rabbit
    The cat

5. What did the narrator's eye fall upon in his gaze around his den?
    A ghost of his wife
    A note from his wife to him about an affair she had
    A figure moving through the room
    A cat

6. What was weird about the new cat?
    The missing leg
    The missing eye
    The missing tooth
    The missing tail

7. Who or what did the narrator kill with the axe?
    His wife
    His dog
    His cat
    His rabbit

8. Where did the narrator put the person or thing that he killed with the axe?
    The wall in the den
    The sewer
    The well
    The wall in the cellar

9. What other Poe story is this story similar to?
    The Purloined Letter
    The Masque of the Red Death
    The Gold Bug
    The Tell-Tale Heart

10. What happened at the end?
    A noise was heard
    The narrator confessed
    The police smelled something
    A white cat came in, led the police to the wall

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Compiled Jun 28 12