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Leonard Cohen

Created by quacker

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Leonard Cohen game quiz
"Leonard Cohen has been rather unfairly, I think, labelled a figure of gloom. The theme of this quiz is what other people think of him."

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1. Which of the following ingredients was missing from the recording of the album 'Death of a Ladies Man'?
    Bob Dylan
    John Lennon
    Phil Spector
    A pistol

2. On the tribute album, 'I'm Your Fan,' from what country do both the coverers of 'Tower of Song' come?
    Ireland (one the Republic, one Northern)

3. Leonard Cohen's is arguably the most Jewish showbiz name outside of film producing. Cohen biographer Ira Nadel analyses Cohen's name quite thoroughly. Leonard's Hebrew name is?

4. Leonard Cohen is mentioned in which Nirvana song?
    'Smells like Teen Spirit'
    'Lenny's Outlet'
    'Pennyroyal Tea'

5. 'Dance Me to the End of Love,' which is about the Holocaust gas chambers, is also a picture book. Who did the illustrations?
    Toulouse Lautrec
    Quentin Blake

6. Which of these soubriquets has been given to Cohen?
    The Moses of Sinai
    The Prophet of Fumes
    The Lord Byron of Rock
    The Oracle of Modernity

7. About whom or what did Cohen begin to write an MA thesis while at Columbia University?
    Federico Garcia Lorca
    Lord Beaverbrook
    Canada-US relations
    Cohen's own book

8. Whose intelligence does Cohen describe as 'average' in a poem?
    Adolf Hitler
    Queen Elizabeth
    Queen Victoria
    Adolf Eichman

9. Who, apart from the man himself, was the first artist to record an entire album of Leonard Cohen songs?
    Nina Simone
    Janis Joplin
    Jennifer Warnes
    Judy Collins

10. Joan Baez had an ethical and artistic problem singing what line from Leonard Cohen's oevre?
    'and all the ladies go moist, and the judge has no choice'
    'the moneylender's lovely little daughter'
    'an Eskimo showed me a movie'
    'you've touched her perfect body with your mind'

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Compiled Nov 02 13