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Jinx Illustrated

Created by Ikabud

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Jinx Illustrated game quiz
"The magazine 'Sports Illustrated' has been a main staple of information to millions of sports fans since 1954. To athletes, it's a sign of deserved recognition to be featured on the cover. Or is it? Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was the first person affected by the "cover jinx"?
    Vince Lombardi
    Rocky Marciano
    Eddie Mathews
    Roger Bannister

2. Swimmer Carin Cone was undefeated for four years, when she appeared on the cover of the magazine. What happened to her, shortly after?
    She was beaten and failed to qualify for the Olympics
    She was in a car crash
    She tested positive for drugs and was banned
    She hit her head on the edge of the pool and needed hospital treatment

3. Another athlete, Jim Beatty, failed to make the Rome Olympics, due to a foot injury suffered shortly after his cover appearance. In what event was supposed to compete?
    50 Km Walk
    Long Jump
    5, 000 meter race
    Pole Vault

4. The 'Sports Illustrated' 1958 preview of what famous race featured driver Pat O'Connor on the cover?
    Le Mans
    Indy 500
    Daytona 500
    U.S. Grand Prix

5. Skier Jill Kinmont suffered what fate in the week that the magazine featuring her on the cover hit the newsstands?
    She lost the next ten races in a row
    Nothing, she was not affected by the cover jinx
    She was hit by a chair lift and broke two ribs
    She was paralyzed from the neck down

6. Two days after being featured on the cover, skater Laurence Owen was killed in a plane crash. What was the title of the cover story?
    'America's most exciting girl skater'
    'Going all the way to gold'
    'The unbeatable skater'
    'This girl can't lose'

7. The goalie of NHL team the Boston Bruins got the cover 'treatment' in January of 1962. What was his name?
    Don Head
    Charlie Stones
    Nev Yashin
    George Bettis

8. Basketball great, Larry Bird, was hit by the jinx three times, as a college player, as a professional player and as a coach. True or false?
    Answer: (One Word)

9. After appearing with Lawrence Taylor in a 1986 cover, Mark Gastineau missed his first football game for seven years. Which team was he playing for at the time?
    The Steelers
    The Giants
    The Jets
    The Patriots

10. The man who was to have been 'Sports Illustrated' Sportsman of the Year for 1955, was struck by the jinx after posing for the cover photo, and had to be replaced. What was his fate?
    He was convicted of murder
    He died in a car crash
    He was accidentally shot and killed by his wife
    He suffered a heart attack

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