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History Of The Bra

Created by MommyPanda

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History Of The Bra game quiz
"Just a silly quiz about the bra."

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1. In 2500 B.C., Minoan women of Crete wore a bra-like garment that did what?
    smashed the breasts so tightly that almost all women were flat chested
    made their breasts look like three instead of two
    drew attention to the nipples by hanging tassles on the front of their shirts
    lifted the breasts right out of the woman's clothes

2. In 1893, Marie Tucek patented a 'breast supporter' that was most like our bra today. Instead of cups for the breasts, it had what?

3. For many years throughout history, women were forced to wear painful corsets. These garments could make a normal sized woman squeeze down to a waist size of 12 inches or smaller! Although sometimes flattering, they caused many women great discomfort. In 1913, Mary Phelps Jacobs was getting dressed to go to a formal dinner in a lacy dress, and the corset she was wearing had some of the whalebones and steel rods sticking out. This was the beginning of the 'bra as we know it'. She created a 'bra-like' garment out of what?
    rubber bands and cotton balls
    2 handkerchiefs, ribbons and a cord
    nylon sheets, rope, and rubber straps
    denim patches and metal chains

4. Mary Phelps Jacob made these brassieres for friends and family for about a year. She patented them under the company name of 'Caress Crosby'. In 1914, she sold the rights to the Warner Brothers Corset Company for what amount?

5. During World War I, the corset companies were dealt a real blow by the government when women were asked to quit buying corsets. Why was that?
    women were being sent into the work force and shouldn't be wearing the corsets there
    corsets were killing women at a young age because of the pain they were causing them
    the men whom were being drafted wanted their women to be 'bare chested'
    the government wanted to free up all the metal they could get

6. What important thing did Russian immigrant, Ida Rosenthal, do in 1928?
    created bras for heavy men
    made cotton the chosen material for bras
    created strapless bras
    created cup sizes for bras

7. Story has it that there has been one fatality due to wearing a bra. True or False?

8. The word 'brassiere' is French for what?
    big breasts
    under arm
    nursing child
    over the shoulder boulder holder

9. According to a 1994 book 'Dressed To Kill' by authors Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijerin, it was suggested that wearing a bra can increase a woman's chance of dying from what?
    breast cancer
    skin cancer

10. There were 4730 women in the 'Dressed To Kill' study. During the study, they figured out how many of the bra-less women were less likely to contract breast cancer than the women who wore bras everyday. How many times was it?
    21 X
    17 X
    5 X
    95 X

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