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American Presidents

Created by TonyTheDad

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American Presidents game quiz
"A tough quiz about the U.S. presidents."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What first name has been most common among presidents?

2. Which president was the sixth to be named James?
    Answer: ( One Word ... surname only)

3. Name one of four 20th Century presidents who had a different name as adult than the one they were born with. (NB - surname ONLY)
    Answer: ( One Word .. surname only)

4. There have been 5 pairs of presidents with the same last name. Which two were not related?
    Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt
    William and Benjamin Harrison
    Andrew and Lyndon Johnson
    John and John Quincy Adams

5. Which president was not given a state funeral, but was buried with a Confederate flag draped on his coffin?
    Andrew Jackson
    John Tyler
    James Buchanan
    Millard Fillmore

6. Who was the first president who was subject to the term limitations of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution (maximum of two terms)?
    John F. Kennedy
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Harry S Truman
    Lyndon B. Johnson

7. Who was the only president to be elected to the presidency twice immediately after serving as vice president?
    Thomas Jefferson
    Ronald Reagan
    George Bush
    Richard Nixon

8. Who was the second president to be assassinated?
    Abraham Lincoln
    Warren Harding
    William McKinley
    James A. Garfield

9. What US president returned to public service as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
    Theodore Roosevelt
    William Howard Taft
    Benjamin Harrison
    Harry S Truman

10. What president served two non-consecutive terms?
    Answer: (Two Words)

11. Who was the only president never to marry?
    John Tyler
    James Buchanan
    Martin Van Buren
    Warren Harding

12. What president was never elected to the post?
    Calvin Coolidge
    Lyndon Johnson
    Gerald Ford
    Harry S Truman

13. Who had the shortest term as president?
    William Harrison
    Franklin Roosevelt
    James Garfield
    William McKinley

14. Who was the youngest man to serve as president?
    John F. Kennedy
    Thomas Jefferson
    Bill Clinton
    Theodore Roosevelt

15. What president was once president of a labor union?
    Warren Harding
    Lyndon Johnson
    Ronald Reagan
    Harry S Truman

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