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Hitchcock's Leading Ladies

Created by Bronte

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hitchcock, Alfred
Hitchcocks Leading Ladies game quiz
"Hitchcock fan? Have a go at this quiz about his leading ladies. Best of luck, and have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which actress, known only by her first name, played the part of Daisy in Hitchcock's early film 'The Lodger'?

2. In which film did Madeleine Carroll play the role of Pamela?
    Jamaica Inn
    Secret Agent
    The 39 Steps

3. Which character was played by Margaret Lockwood in 'The Lady Vanishes'?
    Mrs. Verloc
    Pat Martin
    Annabella Smith
    Iris Henderson

4. What is the first name of Joan Fontaine's character in 'Rebecca'?
    We are not told

5. Who played Carol Fisher in 'Foreign Correspondent'?
    Edna May Wonacott
    Patricia Collinge
    Priscilla Lane
    Laraine Day

6. Which Hitchcock movie was the first to star Ingrid Bergman?
    I Confess
    Under Capricorn

7. Which Hollywood legend played the part of Charlotte Inwood in 'Stage Fright'?
    Jane Wyman
    Greta Garbo
    Marilyn Monroe
    Marlene Dietrich

8. Who starred as Lisa Carol Freemont, opposite James Stewart in the movie 'Rear Window'?
    Janet Leigh
    Grace Kelly
    Doris Day
    Suzanne Pleschette

9. Who does Shirley MacLaine portray in the 1955 release 'The Trouble With Harry'?
    Mrs. Wiggs
    Jennifer Rogers
    Miss Graveley
    Annie Hayworth

10. In which movie does Doris Day play Jo McKenna?
    The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Rear Window
    Family Plot

11. Which actress played Lina McLaidlaw?
    Grace Kelly
    Greta Garbo
    Vera Miles
    Joan Fontaine

12. In the movie 'Vertigo', who played the dual role of Madeleine Estler and Judy Barton?
    Barbara Bel Geddes
    Tippi Hedren
    Pat Hitchcock
    Kim Novak

13. In which movie does Eva Marie Saint play Eve Kendall?
    North By Northwest
    The Trouble With Harry
    The Paradine Case

14. What is the name of Janet Leigh's character in 'Psycho'?
    Jacqueline Crane
    Lila Crane
    Marion Crane
    Wendy Crane

15. Who played Melanie Daniels in the 1963 release 'The Birds'?
    Eva Marie Saint
    Kim Novak
    Vera Miles
    Tippi Hedren

16. In the movie 'Marnie', what is the real first name of Tippi Hedren's character?

17. Which of these actresses appeared in the movie 'Topaz'?
    Dany Robin
    Barbara Harris
    Janet Leigh
    Julie Andrews

18. What was the name of Julie Andrews' character in 'Torn Curtain'?
    Sarah Sherman
    Lydia Brenner
    Carlotta Valdes
    Clara Thornhill

19. In 'Frenzy', which role was portrayed by Barbara Leigh-Hunt?
    Brenda Blaney
    Babs Milligan
    Monica Barling
    Mrs. Oxford

20. Who played Blanche in 'Family Plot'?
    Barbara Harris
    Cathleen Nesbitt
    Karen Black
    Katherine Helmond

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