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Maple Leaf History

Created by kobo

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Toronto Maple Leafs
Maple Leaf History game quiz
"Here is a quiz for everyone with a blue maple leaf tattooed on their heart."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The first Toronto N.H.L. team to win the Stanley Cup had which nickname?
    St. Patricks
    Silver Seven

2. Which one of these Leafs was the last to lead the league in scoring?
    Charlie Conacher
    Teeder Kennedy
    Hap Day
    Gordie Drillon

3. Who was the first Leaf to win the Conn Smythe trophy?
    Frank Mahovolich
    Dave Keon
    Bob Pulford
    Johnny Bower

4. Which of the following players has never been captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs?
    Daryl Sittler
    Tim Horton
    Rick Vaive
    George Armstrong

5. Only once in their history have the Toronto Maple Leafs had the number one pick in the entry draft. Whom did they select?
    Answer: ( Two words, or just surname ...he later became Leaf captain)

6. What team traded Paul Henderson to Toronto?
    Detroit Red Wings
    New York Rangers
    Boston Bruins
    Los Angeles Kings

7. What Toronto goalie was forced to leave a 1972 playoff game, when New York Ranger tough guy Vic Hadfield threw his mask into the stands at Madison Square Garden during a brawl?
    Answer: ( Two words, or just surname ... it was during his 2nd and last season as a Leaf)

8. Which Swedish winger joined the Leafs in 1973 along with star defenceman Borje Salming, paving the way for a flood of Europeans into the NHL?
    Ulf Nilsson
    Olaf Palme
    Anders Hedberg
    Inge Hammarstrom

9. Who was the first European born Maple Leafs captain?
    Mats Sundin
    King Clancy
    Borje Salming
    Rick Vaive

10. Which of these players was never a Leaf?
    Jacques Plante
    Domenic Hasek
    Bill McCreary
    Dave Semenko

11. Which popular Leaf was traded to the Colorado Rockies in 1979, in exchange for Pat Hickey and Wilf Paiment?
    Daryl Sittler
    Dave Keon
    Lanny McDonald
    Borje Salming

12. In a unique move, Toronto Hall of Famer Ace Bailey asked that his retired Leaf number 6 be taken out of retirement, so that it could be worn by which of the following Leaf stars?
    Ron Ellis
    Mike Walton
    Paul Henderson
    Ian Turnbull

13. Which Leaf was nick-named 'Shakey'?
    Mike Walton
    Ted Kennedy
    Daryl Sittler
    Forbes Kennedy

14. Who was the first Leaf to score 100 points in a season?
    Dave Keon
    Daryl Sittler
    Mats Sundin
    Paul Henderson

15. Against which team did Tim Horton play his last game?
    Answer: (One Word ... just enter the city name)

16. Which Toronto Maple Leaf star had his career abruptly ended in 1934 by a viscous hit from behind, by Bruin Eddie Shore?
    Answer: ( Two words, or just surname ... he was also the first Leaf to lead the league in scoring)

17. Which Maple Leaf defenceman incited a near riot in Boston with a thunderous check on Bobby Orr during a 1969 playoff game?
    Marcel Pronovost
    Pat Quinn
    Bobby Baun
    Tim Horton

18. Which Toronto goalie was given the nickname 'Ulcers'?
    Mike Palmateer
    Turk Broda
    Frank McCool
    Terry Sawchuck

19. Which colourful Leaf stood on the bench and conducted chanting fans with his stick during a home game in 1974?
    Eddie Shack
    Brian Glennie
    Tiger Williams
    Ron Ellis

20. What Leaf defenceman and right wing won the Calder Trophy in 1947, the same year Gordie Howe broke in with Detroit?
    Howie Meeker
    Red Horner
    Bill Barilko
    Alan Stanley

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