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20th Century Art Music

Created by Kultica

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Twentieth-Century Classical Music
20th Century Art Music game quiz
"Some questions on 20th century art music, which I consider important."

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1. Which one of the following works was NOT composed by Sergei Prokofiev?
    Love for Three Oranges
    The Nose
    Scythian Suite

2. Which of these is NOT a subtitle for one of Arthur Honegger's five symphonies?
    King David
    Deliciae Basiliensis
    Di Tre Re

3. Which one of these ladies was NOT a major female composer of 20th century?
    Sofia Gubaidulina
    Germaine Tailleferre
    Lili Boulanger
    Wanda Landowska

4. Which one of these composers was NOT Mexican?
    Silvestre Revueltas
    Alberto Ginastera
    Carlos Chavez
    Manuel Ponce

5. Which one of these Italian composers was a committed communist?
    Luciano Berio
    Luigi Nono
    Gian Francesco Malipiero
    Luigi Dallapiccola

6. Which of these works was NOT composed by Charles Ives?
    Unanswered Question
    Three Places in New England
    Central Park in the Dark
    Grand Canyon Suite

7. Which one of these works was composed by the Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski?
    Chantefleurs et Chantefables
    Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima
    The Wooden Prince

8. Which one of Olivier Messiaen's works was composed in a German concentration camp?
    From the Canyons to the Stars
    Quartet for the End of Time
    Colours of the Celestial City

9. Three of these composers are more or less of Swiss origin. Who is NOT?
    Ottmar Schoeck
    Arthur Honegger
    Hanns Eisler
    Frank Martin

10. Gian-Carlo Menotti always wrote the librettos for his own operas. He made librettos to these four operas, for example. Three of them also have his music. Which one does NOT?
    The Medium
    The Consul
    The Telephone

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