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The Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic and Modern periods all fall under the heading 'Classical.'

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1 Great Choral Music
This quiz deals with the greatest works of both sacred and secular choral music from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Good luck and enjoy!
25 Q
Jul 22 03
2958 plays
2 The Renaissance Madrigal
The madrigal was one of the most diverse forms in Renaissance music, employing a wide range of emotions and musical effects. This quiz covers madrigals from all over Europe. Good Luck!
25 Q
May 30 03
1053 plays
3 Back to the Fugue
How do you pronounce "fugue"? Say the word "few" and add a hard G (like at the end of "dog") to the end. Now that we've covered that, we can move on to questions like "What are some features of fugues?" and "What are some famous fugues"?
10 Q
Oct 15 11
1128 plays
4 Crank it Up a Notch
Classical music is often seen as gentle and mellow, but there are many pieces that, when played during quiet hours at full volume, will lead to the neighbors calling the cops on you. See how much you know about these pieces that crank it up a notch!
10 Q
Feb 04 15
126 plays
5 Surprising Facts Behind Popular Classics
Are you a classical music "dummy" who has occasionally wondered about the various classical pieces which turn up in movies, on TV, at weddings, etc? This quiz is for you. Good luck!
25 Q
Aug 11 03
4347 plays
6 The World's Greatest Conductors
In the world of Western classical music, the phenomenon of the conductor as superstar really dates from the early part of the twentieth century. How many of these famous maestros can you identify?
10 Q
Sep 02 07
1065 plays
7 Ten Great Pianists
As a solo instrument, the piano is second to none in classical music, and many internationally famed players have made their mark as performers. This quiz tests your knowledge of just ten of them.
10 Q
May 26 11
507 plays
8 Thematic Catalogues: What's in an Opus Number?
As I was looking at my CD collection I got to wondering about the meaning of all those letters after the titles of the pieces. Seasoned listeners of art music know what Op. and K. mean, but can you match Wolf, AV, and FS numbers to their composers?
10 Q
Jun 01 08
414 plays
9 Ten Great Violinists
From the start of the nineteenth century to the present day, many great solo violinists have made their mark in the world of classical music. This quiz tests your knowledge of just ten of them.
10 Q
May 01 09
780 plays
10 Vaughan Williams: Pride of Britain
Amongst the myriad of inspirational British composers lies, for me, one of the greatest and most accomplished musicians of all time - Ralph Vaughan Williams. Here is an, hopefully, insightful quiz into some of his main compositions. Enjoy!
10 Q
Aug 31 08
369 plays
11 Welcome to The Proms
The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts have for many years played a central role in London's musical life. This quiz is a short introduction to the history, music and strange rituals attached to this great music festival.
15 Q
Dec 20 04
393 plays
12 Alphabet of Musical Oddities
Composers, conductors, instruments or musical instructions from A to Z. Can you find the odd one out in these sets? Nearly all of them are taken from the world of classical music.
25 Q
Oct 14 09
1119 plays
13 Orchestras of the World
There are many first-class orchestras active throughout the world today. Can you identify some of the most famous from these clues?
10 Q
Apr 01 04
1434 plays
14 Classics From the Crypt
With Halloween nearly upon us, I thought I'd do a quiz on some works from the classical repertoire which have a touch (or more) of the macabre or sinister about them. Proceed at your own risk...
10 Q
Oct 19 04
795 plays
15 A Symphony of Animals
This quiz, inspired by an Author Challenge by kyleisalive, features a brief survey of animals in classical music. How many do you recognize?
10 Q
Jul 22 11
696 plays
16 Musical Flowers
Fans of cryptic crosswords will know that the word "flower" in a clue usually refers to a river - i.e. something that flows. So, taking a sideways look at Jazmee27's Author Challenge, here's a quiz about rivers in classical music.
10 Q
Jul 28 11
441 plays
17 The Curse of the Ninth Symphony
Beethoven completed nine symphonies before his death. Since then, some composers have been superstitious about reaching this total, and a surprising number have in fact failed to make it to number ten. This quiz tests your knowledge of some of them.
10 Q
Feb 25 04
1821 plays
18 Dead Music
I don't do music by living, breathing humans on the whole, so here's one about music and composers who've by-and-large well and truly snuffed it.
25 Q
Aug 30 03
1647 plays
19 Animals in Classical Music
Several classical composers have named one or more of their works after an animal. Here are some questions about these classical compositions.
10 Q
Nov 29 10
543 plays
20 Classical Music 101
These classical melodies are so great that they will live forever. Do you think you know these masterpieces? Good luck and I hope you enjoy.
10 Q
Apr 19 11
924 plays
21 American Composer Howard Hanson
Howard Hanson is one of my favorite American composers. Let's see how much you know about him.
10 Q
Mar 27 04
195 plays
22 Symphonies and their Nicknames
Many symphonies over the years have had names attached to them: sometimes by the composer, sometimes not. Can you match the composer with the named symphony?
25 Q
Oct 25 02
1515 plays
23 Classical Music in Popular Culture
Classical music is not just heard in the symphony hall. The work of the classical masters is often used in movies and popular songs. In this quiz you will be asked to identify classical works and their composers used in movies and popular recordings.
20 Q
Nov 24 06
1152 plays
24 Peter and the Wolf
Our local chamber orchestra is performing this piece, and here is some of the information I've learned about it. Enjoy!
20 Q
Oct 13 02
1026 plays
25 Say Hello to this Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Some arbitrary trivia on the great Russian composer.
10 Q
May 23 08
381 plays
26 Music for Chamber Wind Ensemble
Welcome to the colorful world of the chamber wind ensemble! From Baroque to Modern, we will explore composers, genres, and pieces from this beautiful and highly listenable repertoire. Note: the word "horn" in this quiz refers to the French horn.
10 Q
Oct 24 13
147 plays
27 The Invasion of Classical Music
From Bugs Bunny to the silver screen, you have slowly been brainwashed to accept classical music in your daily life without even knowing its true origins. So, who are the composers who penned these catchy tunes?
10 Q
Feb 23 04
1872 plays
28 Classically Yours
Every artistic genius, brilliant as one may be, needs inspiration. Think you know the secret behind the great classics?
10 Q
Oct 29 11
402 plays
29 Grand Opera, People and Places
This is my first quiz. Grand opera, and music from what is frequently referred to as its "Golden Age" fascinate me. The singers, the stories, the houses-- They all have a story, a "mystique"; they are legendary I hope you enjoy it.
10 Q
Dec 01 10
390 plays
30 Temporal Rift
A rift in time opened up right in the middle of my rehearsal - there are composers from the past here right now! Can you help determine which musical period each of these composers need to go back to?
10 Q
Feb 14 12
3378 plays
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* Symphony No. 5, D-Minor, 'Reformation'

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