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Famous Scientists And Mathematicians

Created by namastheg

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Famous Scientists And Mathematicians game quiz
"There were many scientists and mathematicians who sparkled in their field at their times. This is a quiz about a few. Have fun and good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In which of the following fields of science did Ampere not work?
    Classification of elements

2. Archimedes pulled a ship full of passengers and cargo, single-handed.

3. Which astronomer first discovered the sunspots on the surface of the Sun?
    Edwin Hubble
    William Herschel
    Galileo Galilei

4. Which of the following isn't one of Aryabhatta's achievements?
    Finding the value of pi correct to 4 decimal places
    Complete solutions for Diophantine Equations of the first degree
    Finding sine and cosine value of angles
    Invention of even roots of negative numbers

5. In which element did Becquerel discover radioactivity?

6. Brahmagupta, the ancient Indian mathematician proved that quadratic equations had 2 roots and one of them could be negative. (true or false)

7. Who designed the first steam engine?
    James Watt
    Rudolph Diesel
    Nikolaus Otto
    Thomas Newcommen

8. Name the scientist who found out the value of the gravitational constant(G).
    Rene Decartes
    Isaac Newton
    Henry Cavendish
    Albert Einstein

9. What was madam Marie Curie's real name?
    Mariya Petrevina
    Paree Anterina
    Variya Davgoska
    Maria Sklodowska

10. Who wrote the book 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection'?
    Answer: (Last name will suffice)

11. According to Einstein's Special Relativity, which of the following observations would be made, as seen from the Earth, if a rocket was travelling in space at nearly the speed of light?
    Rocket appears to decrease in mass
    The rocket explodes!
    Time on the rocket seems to pass more slowly
    Rocket appears to increase in length

12. Who discovered neutrons?

13. Which of the following about Michael Faraday is not true?
    He liquified Chlorine
    He discovered that a magnetic field could rotate the plane of polarization of light
    He served Sir Humphrey Davy as a lab assistant
    He became the President of the London Royal Society

14. Which scientist has a class of sub-atomic particles and an element name after him?
    Enrico Fermi
    Satyendranath Bose
    Albert Einstein
    Henri Becquerel

15. Name the scientist who first coined the electrical terms - 'positive' and 'negative'.
    Michael Faraday
    Benjamin Franklin
    Andre Marie Ampere
    George Ohm

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