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Detroit Tigers [1]

Created by doctor_trivia

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Detroit Tigers 1 game quiz
"Think you're a Detroit Tiger know-it-all? Let's find out."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Old Tiger Stadium is on the corner of Michigan and ______ Avenue?
    Answer: (One Word)

2. For nearly 30 years, one "wild" Tiger Stadium hot dog vendor peddled the delicious Ballpark Franks with a style all his own. He was affectionately known as "Crazy _____ " ?
    Answer: ( One Word ... first name ... he also hung out in the Cobo Hall balcony at Piston games)

3. Which Tiger hit the first pitch of the 1999 season for a homerun against the Texas Rangers?
    Juan Encarnacion
    Gabe Kapler
    Jose Macias
    Bobby Higginson

4. What was the name of the cab stand outside Tiger Stadium?
    Johnny Mac's
    Tiger Cab Company
    Hoot Robinson's
    Cochrane's Taxi Company

5. Whose yard did one of Kirk Gibson's over-the-roof homeruns once land in?
    Then-Mayor Coleman Young's front yard
    The 5th Precinct's impound yard
    Mrs. Esther Sobieski's front yard
    Brook's Lumber Yard

6. September 27th, 1999: which Tiger hit an eighth inning grand slam to seal the victory in the last game ever played at Tiger Stadium?
    Deivi Cruz
    Juan Encarnacion
    Bobby Higginson
    Robert Fick

7. In 1982, which Tiger was traded to the Chicago White Sox for Chet Lemon?
    Gary Sutherland
    Jason Thompson
    Steve Kemp
    Ron LeFlore

8. In 1968, Boog Powell of the Baltimore Orioles hit into a triple play in a game versus the Tigers. Who caught his line drive to start this defensive gem?
    Answer: ( Two words, or just surname ... he threw the pitch)

9. What was the main Tigers' slogan during the 1968 World Championship season?
    "Bless you Boys!"
    "Go Get 'em Tigers!"
    "The Roar is Back!"
    "Here Comes the Tigers!"

10. Who was the first Detroit Tiger pitcher to have his jersey number retired by the club?
    Jack Morris
    Mickey Lolich
    George Mullin
    Hal Newhouser

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Compiled Jun 28 12