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Wild Flowers, Who Am I

Created by AmandaLG

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Angiosperms and Gymnosperms
Wild Flowers Who Am I game quiz
"I love all sorts of wildflowers and I hope you do too. I have enough for maybe a few other quizes like this one."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I grow mostly in the east but 70 of my 80 species grow in the west. We grow 8 inches to 2 feet high in fields, meadows, lawns, and road sides. Almost all of us havae a globular flowerhead which is actually made up of many tiny tubular florets. Our colors range from pink to red, and yellow to creamy white. Our leaf has 3 leaflets with toothed edges. To some if I have 4 leaves I am considered to be lucky. Who am I?
    black-eyed susan

2. I am found commonly in moist fields, woodlands, and roadsides in the east and west. Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin have me as their state flower. I rarely grow more than 10 inches high. I have 5 dainty petals. The colors I most commonly come in are: deep purple and blue to yellow and white. Most but not all of us have the common heart shaped leaf. Who am I?
    Yellow Orchid

3. There are about 67 native species of me. The Russian type of me is used to make oil from my seeds. I am the Kansas state flower. Another species of me is grown for its tasty edible tubers. They are cooked and eaten like potatoes. We grow 2 to 6 feet high in fields, meadows, and roadsides. My color is yellow. Who am I?
    Yellow Coneflowers

4. My colors come in white, yellow, and lilac. I grow up to 1 foot high. You can see me in meadows and hillsides. In the spring you can find me blanketing desert foothills. I have a tulip-like flower and small edible bulbs that are used by the Native Americans. One of my species is the Utah state flower. Who am I?
    Mariposa Lily
    Rue Anemone

5. I am a semitropical plant. I have fern-like leaves and golden yellow flowers. There are about 30 species of me. Most of my species can be found in the South in fields, roadsides, and wasteplaces. I am also known as the Sensitive Plant and Bee Blossom. When my leaves are touched they fold slowly. Who am I?
    Partridge- Peas

6. I am also known as a cowslip. I grow in moist, rich bottomlands. I gow 1 to 2 feet high. I have large floppy leaves that is topped by a loose cluster of cup-shaped flowers. My flowers are pinkish when they open but later they become blue or lavender. Who am I?

7. I grow in moist places throughout the country. The ones of me that grow in the east are usually purplish-blue and like the woodlands. My western species are the most numerous. They are generally golden yellow and grow along stream margins and mountain meadows. Over half of my species are known only from California. My leaves are usually small and toothed. Who am I?

8. I am a woodland plant. I can often be found growing in the shades of evergreens. I have small, shiny, deep green leaves and a very low stem. I grow about 2 to 5 inches high. My leaves stay on me all winter. When my leaves are crushed they make a pleasant smell. I am a small white tubular flower but I grow into an aromatic red berry. Who am I?

9. I have a stout stem and grow 2 to 5 feet high. I have broad flower clusters. My flowers are red to pink, lilac, and cream-white in color. All my parts contain a milky juice. I am mostly found in old fields, meadows, marshes, and roadsides. Who am I?

10. I am a smooth vine that climbs by tendrils at the tips of my leaves. I like cultivated fields and borders of thickets. There are 35 species of me. I have pea-like flowers and their colors go from purple to blue to white. Who am I?

11. I like rich, moist eastern woodlands and brooksides. I am the only red Lobelia, others are blue and white. I have been so over-picked that I am really rare and need protection. I have tuble-like flowers that hummingbirds like to visit. I grow 2 to 4 feet tall. Who am I?
    Cardinal Flower

12. Some of us are annuals and some are perennials. Most of the 25 of us are native, although a few of us have come from Europe. 2 main types of us grow here. I vary in color from purple to blue to white. I favor waste places, dry field borders, and roadsides. Who am I?
    Meadow Beauties

13. I am found on prairies and hillsides in the west. I am also known as the Indian Paintbrush. I have a red or yellow stain on my cluster of leaf tips near my flower. There are 100 species of me. I grow about 10 to 20 inches high. Most of us are red; some of us are red and yellow or just yellow. One of my species is the state flower of Wyoming. Who am I?

14. I am a flat-topped, lacy dull-white flower. My little flower clusters often have a single dark purple flower in the center. My leaves are finely divided. I grow in cultivated fields and exposed grounds. I am particularly abundant in the Northeast. I am also called the Wild Carrot. I am one of the worst European weeds. I have a smaller less common species that grows in the West. Who am I?

15. My colors range from pink to white. I grow in moist meadows, savanahs, and along the sandy coast (mainly in the Southeast). Some of us are even found in brackish marshes. I usually grow 1 to 3 feet high. I have large blooms with yellow starlike centers. Who am I?
    Oswego Tea
    Red Maids
    Rose Gentians

16. I am also called the Yellow Daisy. I am the best known Coneflower. I have large, golden flowerheads and a dark purple center. I grow 1 to 3 feet high. Who am I?
    Black-Eyed Susan
    Avalanche Lillies

17. I grow 1 to 2 feet high. I have grasslike leaves. I am also known as the Wild Hyacinth. I grow in rich, damp banks and moist meadows. My colors range from deep blue to white. I am closely related to the onion. Indians and early settlers relished my small onion-like bulb. What am I?
    Vipers Bugloss

18. I am a familiar European immigrant. I form large colonies in fields and along roadsides. I grow 2 to 5 feet high. I am topped by a large number of flower buds opening daily to become a deep orange flower. Who am I?

19. I am also known as Pink Maids and Red Maids. I am common in California and the neighboring western areas. I prefer cultivated ground, but I will grow on hillsides and along the sea coast. My five-petaled flowers are colored from magenta to rose. Occasionally you will find a white one of me. Who am I?

20. My other names are Bugbanes, Cohosh, and Black Snakeroot. I am actually an herb. I grow 4 to 6 feet high. I have tiny, white, feathery blooms which branch in spire-like clusters. I have an unpleasant stale oder. Who am I?

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