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70s Fashion & Beauty

Created by joopie

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Fashion & Beauty Mixture
70s Fashion  Beauty game quiz
"If you were a teen in the 70s, and thought you were way cool, I am sure you used some of these."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You washed your hair with this shampoo because using beer was the cool thing to do. Which shampoo gave your hair body & bounce, but didn't get you drunk?
    "Body On Tap"
    "Herbal Essence"

2. Speaking of shampoo, this one had a catchy name; "Gee, Your Hair Smells ________". How would your hair smell if you used this shampoo?

3. This shoe was a 'must have'. It started out as a jazz dance slipper but eventually made it big on the street. Of course, you had to have them in every color! What was the name of these shoes?
    "Hush Puppies"

4. These short, shorts the girls loved because they made their legs look long. With a slit up the sides & rounded corners. Which type of shorts would drive the guys wild?
    "Hip Huggers"
    "Daisy Dukes"

5. Every teenie-bopper just had to have this push-up lip gloss. Which of the follow was not a "Bonnie Bell, Lip Smacker" flavor?
    Mt. Dew
    Dr. Pepper
    Orange Crush

6. This product transformed kids into their favorite superhero or cartoon character. "___________" underwear would be the kids favorite to terrorize the neighborhood with.
    Answer: (one word)

7. This perfume made girls smell like women. Of course after you left for school you would drown yourself in this fragrance. Which perfume is still in production & in 1993 made a Blue & Red version?
    "Love's Baby Soft"
    "Jean Nate"

8. Every girl would slop this lip gloss on every 5 minutes. The shinier the better, just in case you had to plant a big one on your crush. What "Maybelline" product is this?
    "Lip Smackers"
    "Kissing Potion"
    "Pocket Goo"
    "Smudge Pots"

9. These super bright pants would make you look Dyno-mite at the disco or roller rink. Which pants looked best under that super glowing disco ball?
    "Satin Pants"

10. This men's aftershave was the first glimpse a boy had into his shaving future. Which raw & rugged scent, made by "Faberge" was also worn by idol, Joe Namath?
    "Brut for Men"
    "Old Spice"
    "Aqua Velva"

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Compiled Jun 28 12