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They Died in Their 20s

Created by thejazzkickazz

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They Died in Their 20s game quiz
"As a follow up to my quiz on folks who died before 21 I thought it would be interesting to investigate a bit to find out who had left us before the age of 30...still very young! I hope this quiz is instructive...enjoy."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Romantic poet extraordinaire, he wrote 'Endymion' for Thomas Chatterton, a fellow poet who had committed suicide at 17. Sadly, this writer of many odes had his name 'writ in water' at the very young age of 25. Who was he?
    John Keats
    William Wordsworth
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Robert Southey

2. He shouted 'Sic semper tyrannus' after having shot one of the great men of history, and even Dr. Mudd couldn't save him who had been fatally shot at age 27. Name him.
    Answer: (His last name will do, but the full name is also acceptable.)

3. This may be a surprise. One of the greatest fighter pilots of all time, he shot down 80 enemy aircraft before himself falling victim in a dogfight at only 25 years of age! Who is this leader of the 'Flying Circus'?

4. Also known as 'Lady Rebecca' by the English and 'Matoaka' by her parents, this young lady passed away at the age of 22 in England. Who is she?
    Answer: (Careful...tricky spelling!)

5. Several of Henry VIII's wives met their deaths in their 20s, but which was the youngest when she met her end?
    Jane Seymour
    Catherine Howard
    Anne Boleyn
    Catherine Parr

6. All of the Brontes, including the brother Patrick Branwell, died at relatively young ages. But which of the siblings died while still in their 20s?

7. Several modern American musicians died at a rather young age in the 1960s. Which of these performers passed away in a plane crash in 1967 at only 26 years of age?
    Keith Moon
    Sam Cooke
    Otis Redding
    Jim Croce

8. This Elizabethan poet and dramatist got into a bar fight over a bill (or perhaps he was done in by political intrigue) while only 29 years of age, unfortunately, this author of 'Dr Faustus' and 'Hero and Leander' did not get out...he died of a stab wound. Which of the following was he?

9. An American journalist and writer, he left us at the age of 29, but not before putting the face of reality on war which he explained in his 'Red Badge of Courage'. Name this treasured writer.
    Hart Crane
    Stephen Crane
    Bret Harte
    Matthew Brady

10. This American musician died at only 27 in 1970, but not before burning a few guitars and the impression of psychedelic hard rock on the minds of young people around the world. Are you experienced enough to know this answer? Name him...
    Answer: (Last name will do, although you may type out the full name if you insist!)

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Compiled Jun 28 12