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Jamaican English Part Two

Created by reggaejames

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Jamaican English Part Two game quiz
"If you enjoyed the challenge of Part 1, here is the final part of my quiz on everyday Jamaican expressions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If a Jamaican was "kin teet", what would they be doing?

2. That girl is too "laba-laba". What is her problem?
    She is too fat.
    She is too stupid.
    She is too thin.
    She is too talkative.

3. In Jamaica, as in America, there are not a few "mampi" women walking around. "Mampi" must mean...?
    single and willing

4. If a Jamaican invited you to a "nine night", where would you be going?
    A wake
    A slumber party
    A dance party
    A graduation ceremony

5. Someone described what you were wearing as "ol bruk", what did he mean?
    He was trying tell you your zipper was open.
    You were wearing all black .
    You were wearing second hand clothing.
    He thought it was too formal..

6. Many Jamaican young men love to "palaav". What does it mean?
    Relax at home
    Make out with their girlfriends
    Show off

7. What are "red yeye" (red eye) people?
    People who are drunk
    Covetous people
    Angry people
    Tired people

8. What do you think the expression " Si an bline, ear an deaf" means?
    He is a deaf mute.
    Go to sleep.
    He is an old man.
    Don't meddle.

9. A phrase used often to describe Jamaica and its people is "Likkle but talawah". What does the word "talawah" mean?

10. When listening to Jamaican dancehall music , you often hear the phrase "Unnu ready?" What is "unnu"?
    The stage
    The music
    The audience
    The drinks

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Compiled Jun 28 12