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New England Neighborhood Birds

Created by jadranska

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New England Neighborhood Birds game quiz
"This simple quiz is about 10 species of wild birds who are commonly seen throughout New England. Consider it an apology for my "General Avian Knowledge" quiz. There aren't any trick questions! Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This bird is a plump, pinkish grey creature who happens to be very shy. He has a long tail, reddish feet and legs, and a few spots and stripes. His cooing call is light, pleasant, and distinctive. What is he?
    Rock Dove
    Stellar's Jay
    Common Crow
    Mourning Dove

2. This bird is a large, pretty one who likes to sit in the tops of pine trees and harass the hawks she sees along with her ebony mate. Her call is easily recognised, being harsh, loud, and distinct. This bird is greedy and highly intelligent. What is she?
    American Kestrel
    Blue Jay
    Common Crow
    Red-Tailed Hawk

3. This tiny, bold little bird is the state bird of Massachusetts. It sings out in summer with a hard to place "we-do, we-dooo". It looks kind of like a sparrow, only smaller. It also says its name in it's call. What is it?
    Chipping Sparrow
    Black Capped Chickadee
    Northern Raven

4. This bird is small and related to the chickadee. It is thin and grey with a TUFTED crest atop its tiny, beady-eyed head. What is it?
    Blue Jay
    Cedar Waxwing
    Tufted Titmouse
    Mallard Duck

5. This goose is loud, nagging, and a pest. It is intelligent, and one was known to have an arrow through its head. Supposedly it came from Canada. What is it?
    Grey Goose
    Orinoco Goose
    Canada Goose
    Domestic Goose

6. This predator has an inspiring shriek, compared to the undignified chirps of the bald eagle. The adults have a reddish-orange tail. What is it?
    Cooper's Hawk
    Golden Eagle
    Bald Eagle
    Red-Tailed Hawk

7. Occasionally, as you're turning out of the driveway, one of these small, fast moving raptors may zoom past your windshield. They like eating grasshoppers and are commonly mislabeled as the "sparrowhawk".
What is it? Here's a clue: Only ONE even lives in America naturally!
    Mauritius Kestrel
    American Kestrel
    Kori Bustard
    Secretary Bird

8. Sometimes as you pass through a meadow, you may hear the lovely song of this orange and black male songbird. A famous sports team is named after it. What is it?
    Baltimore Oriole
    Peregrine Falcon
    Hooded Pitohui
    Brown Pitohui

9. These birds have scared many a dog and discouraged quite a few cats! It is greedy, territorial, loud and BLUE. What is it?
    Blue Jay
    Common Raven
    Common Crow
    Green Jay

10. A common place to find this bird is atop a fencepost, sleeping. It is elusive, brown and camouflaged. It had a high-pitched cry which says its name and is nocturnal. It's a type of goatsucker, Phalaenoptilus nuttallii. It is also known to hibernate, unlike other birds. What is it?
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Compiled Jun 28 12