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Created by riotgrrl

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Infinity game quiz
"Infinity is really, really big. But what else can we say about it? Is it a number? Is it possible for something to be bigger than infinity? Take this quiz and find out!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The mathematical symbol for infinity looks like which character turned on its side?
    The letter 'S'
    The number '7'
    The number '8'
    The letter 'P'

2. There are an infinite number of whole numbers between one and infinity. So, using that definition of infinity, which of these amounts is the greatest?
    They are all the same
    Infinity multiplied by infinity
    Infinity plus infinity

3. As there are an infinite number of whole numbers, how can the number of even numbers between one and infinity always be described?
    Square root of infinity
    Infinity divided by two

4. If you want to move from A to B, you must first move half the distance from A to B. Then you must travel half the remaining distance. Then half of that, and so on, doing infinitely many moves. So, assuming you are moving at a constant speed, how is it possible to ever get anywhere?
    Because infinitely small distances are an impossibility
    It is theoretically impossible
    Because each move takes proportionally less time
    Because you move in paces, not infinitely small distances

5. One googol is 1 with 100 zeroes after it (10^100). One with one googol zeroes after it (10^[10^100]) is termed a 'googolplex'. So is a googolplex closer in value to infinity than one is?

6. It can be shown that the total number of real numbers (that is, numbers including fractions, pi, etc.) is different to the total number of whole numbers (1,2,3,etc.). So how is the second of these, the total number of whole numbers, described?

7. So if there are different kinds of infinity, which is the biggest?
    The set of real numbers
    There is no biggest infinity
    The set of whole numbers
    The set of everything in the universe

8. So what is infinite? Is time infinite?
    Yes, definitely
    No, definitely not
    Infinity and time are unrelated concepts

9. A black hole is, some theories predict, infinitely dense. So can one ever be detected?
    Yes, if we look straight at it
    No, they can only exist in theory
    Yes, but only if we could ever reach one
    Yes, from its effects on nearby things

10. Finally, which great mathematician's work do modern concepts of infinity stem from?
    Leonardo Fibonacci
    Albert Einstein
    Georg Cantor
    Leonard Euler

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Compiled Jun 28 12