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Blue Jays

Created by Rust

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Toronto Blue Jays
Blue Jays game quiz
"I consider this an easy quiz for avid Blue Jay fans. However if you aren't a fan of the Jay's it will probably be quite difficult."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who did the Toronto Blue Jays defeat in the 1992 ALCS?
    Seattle Mariners
    Oakland Athletics
    Minnesota Twins
    Chicago White Sox

2. Toronto first baseman John Olerud won the A.L. Batting Crown in 1993. What was his batting average that season?

3. He set an American League rookie record by saving 31 games, who is he?
    Tom Henke
    Billy Koch
    Duane Ward
    Darren Hall

4. In the 1993 World Series Joe Carter hit a famous homerun to win the series. Who was the 'wild' Philadelphia Phillies pitcher to give up the homerun?
    Mitch Williams
    Paul Quantrill
    Curt Schilling
    Jeff Reardon

5. The MVP of the 1993 World Series would later go on to get his 3000th career hit as a member of the Minnesota Twins. Who was he?
    Jack Morris
    Dave Winfield
    Paul Molitor
    Pat Borders

6. Which of these men were never a catcher for the Blue Jays?
    Greg Myers
    Carlton Fisk
    Ernie Whitt
    Pat Borders

7. Who is the only Blue Jay to be named AL MVP as a Blue Jay?
    Shawn Green
    Roberto Alomar
    George Bell
    Jesse Barfield

8. Name the 2001 home stadium of the Blue Jays.
    Exhibition Stadium
    Air Canada Centre

9. The first two Blue Jays to ever win a Cy Young award was Roger Clemens and who?
    Pat Hentgen
    Tom Henke
    Dave Stieb
    David Wells

10. Who is the only man to ever pitch a no-hitter as a Toronto Blue Jay?
    Dave Stieb
    David Cone
    David Wells
    Jack Morris

11. He became the first black manager to win a World Series, when he managed the Jays to the title in 1992. Who is he?
    Answer: (Two words)

12. Which of these men have never hit 40 homeruns or more as a Blue Jay?
    Jose Canseco
    Jesse Barfield
    Shawn Green
    Kelly Gruber

13. Who did the Blue Jays trade to the Padres in 1990 for Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar?
    Fred McGriff and Damaso Garcia
    Tony Fernandez and Fred McGriff
    Tony Fernandez and George Bell
    Garth Iorg and Junior Felix

14. Who did the Blue Jays acquire at the trade deadline in 1993 for their run at the World Series?
    David Cone
    Bud Black
    Tom Candiotti
    Rickey Henderson

15. What year did the Blue Jays play their first ever game?

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