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WWF Forever

Created by Mattie391

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : WWF Past & WWE Present
WWF Forever game quiz
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1. Who did Randy Savage face off against at "Wrestlemania 10", and what kind of match was it?
    He faced The Undertaker in a Steel Cage Match
    He faced Crush in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.
    He faced Marty Janeitti in a Strap Match
    He faced Repo Man in a Singles Match

2. Who was Steve Austin's first ever opponent in the WWF?
    Paul Wight
    Scott Taylor
    Shawn Michaels

3. Who was the manager of the fake Undertaker at "Summerslam" 1994?
    Brother Love
    Jim Cornette
    Ted Dibiase
    Mr. Fuji

4. In what month and year did Ahmed Johnson join the now defunct Nation Of Domination?
    June 1997
    July 1995
    March 1998
    April 1996

5. Out of these options, which one was Ric Flair's last WWF opponent in the winter of 1992 before shifting over to WCW?
    Brother Love
    Michael Hayes
    Jake Roberts
    Shawn Michaels

6. The Legion Of Doom won their first WWF Tag Team Championship at "Summerslam" 1991?

7. Who stole Mr. Socko in October 1999?
    Val Venis

8. Who beat the Headbangers for the WWF Tag Team Championship at "Bad Blood" in 1997?
    The Legion Of Doom
    Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon
    The Body Donnas
    The Godwinns

9. What was the team of Jerry Lawler, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Mabel, and Issac Yankem known as at the 1995 "Survivor Series"?
    The Jesters
    Team King
    The Blues
    The Royals

10. The match then known as the Armageddon Match from December of 1996 is know called The Last Man Standing Match?

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