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Created by Princess4allu

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Aladdin (1992) .
Aladdin game quiz
"Hey everybody, when I was a little girl I loved "Aladdin". I hope you enjoy this quiz. Good luck. "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the cave that the magic lamp was hidden in? The Cave Of ___________.
    The Hidden Lamp

2. Whom did Jafar dress up as to trick Aladdin into getting the lamp for him?
    The Chief
    Old Man
    The Sultan

3. What of the following things did the genie say he CAN'T do?
    Bring people back from the dead
    Make someone more powerful than he
    Make someone a Genie
    Make people fight

4. What was Aladdin's first wish? To be a ______________.
    a genie
    rich man

5. When Aladdin turned into a prince what was his name?
    Prince A boo boo
    Prince Agraba
    Prince Alladin
    Prince Ali Ababua

6. What was Jafar's first wish that got granted?
    To have the most power in the world
    To be a genie
    To be the sultan
    To have Jasmine as a bride

7. What was Jafar's third wish? To be a ____________.
    Most powerful wizard in the world
    Have Aladdin killed
    Free the Genie

8. What was Aladdin's third wish?
    To set the Genie free
    To be the new sultan
    To marry the princess
    Three more wishes

9. At the end of the movie is Aladdin able to marry the princess?

10. Finish this line," You ain't never had a friend like ______."
    A princess
    A genie
    A carpet

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Compiled Jun 28 12