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For Giants Fans Only!

Created by sflgnd

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For Giants Fans Only game quiz
"OK, this one is for big time, wind-swept from the Stick, dodger-hating Giant fans only. You gotta bleed orange & black to win at this one! Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who threw the first pitch in SF Giants history?
    Ruben Gomez
    Johnny Antonelli
    Jack Sanford
    Mike McCormick

2. The first game in Giants history, which Dodger great took the loss in that inaugural game?
    Sandy Koufax
    Don Drysdale
    Don Newcome
    Carl Erskine

3. In their first season in SF, what was the Giants record and what place did they finish?
    80-74, 3rd place
    89-65, 2nd place
    72-82, 5th place
    77-77, 4th place

4. In 1962, lawyer Melvin Belli wins a breach-of-warranty suit against the Giants on the grounds that his box seat at Candlestick Park was too cold?

5. After 3 days of rain postponed the 1962 World Series, helicopters were brought in to help dry the field?

6. On July 2nd, 1963, Hall of Famers Warren Spahn and Juan Marichal hooked up in a game for the ages. In a 16 inning marathon, both pitchers matched zeros for ALL 16 innings until this Giants slugger homered off of Spahn in the bottom of the 16th to win the game 1-0. Who hit the game winner?
    Willie McCovey
    Ed Bailey
    Orlando Cepeda
    Willie Mays

7. In a 1965 brawl with the hated Dodgers, Juan Marichal hits Dodger catcher John Roseboro with his bat. How many days was Marichal suspended for the incident?
    5 days
    the rest of the season
    15 days
    8 days

8. In 1968, this Giant rookie became only the second player in MLB history to debut with a grand slam home run. Who is he?
    Answer: ( Two words, or just surname ... his kid is pretty good too!)

9. In 1969, Willie Mays hit his 600th career home run as a pinch hitter in a game against the Padres. Which future slugger did Mays hit for?
    Gary Matthews
    Bobby Bonds
    George Foster
    Dave Kingman

10. On July 18th, 1970 the greatest player of all-time Willie Mays got his 3,000th hit against the Montreal Expos at the Stick. Who gave up #3000?
    Steve Renko
    Mike Wegener
    Carl Morton
    Claude Raymond

11. The 1971 Giants won the NL West by beating the Padres on the final day of the season. The '71 team had no .300 hitters or 20 game winners, and the season became known as the "Year of the ________ " ?
    Answer: (ne Word ... think small, sly animal)

12. On May 11th, 1972, on one of the darkest days in Giant history, Willie Mays is traded to the New York Mets for a minor league pitcher and cash. Who was the pitcher?
    Charlie Williams
    Frank Reberger
    Chuck Taylor
    Don Carrithers

13. John "The Count" Montefusco is the 1975 Rookie Of The Year, how many strikeouts does "The Count" record during the '75 campaign?

14. Baseball's one millionth run was scored at Candlestick Park?

15. On August 24th, 1975, Ed Halicki no-hits the New York Mets at The Stick in Game 2 of a doubleheader. Who was Halicki's catcher that day?
    Mike Sadek
    Dave Rader
    Marc Hill
    Milt May

16. On May 8th, 1977, famed tight-rope guru Karl Walenda walks the wire over Candlestick Park in-between games of a doubleheader between the Giants and the Mets?

17. The '78 Giants surprised the N.L. West with a unexpected 3rd place finish, after being well in the race all season. Newcomer Vida Blue provided that surprising squad with a nickname. Remember that nickname: "The Little ___________ "?
    Answer: ( Two Words ... think popular hobby by today's youth)

18. After several seasons of frustration, the 1982 Giants played the best baseball in the NL after the All-Star break and were firmly entrenched in the NL West race with Atlanta and LA coming down the stretch. In a crucial game against the Houston Astros, a journeyman catcher in his first at-bat of the season for SF blooped a game-winning 2-run single to put the Giants just one game out of first place with three to play. Who was that catcher?
    Answer: ( Two words, or just surnam e.. his nickname was "Do It")

19. This Giant pitcher was on top of the world in 1984 as he placed his name in the baseball record books, not once but twice. He became only the 4th pitcher in the 20th century to toss a shutout in his only big league start and three months later got wins in both ends of a doubleheader. He is ______ ?
    Frank Williams
    Jeff Robinson
    Mark Grant
    Renie Martin

20. In 1987 the Giants ended a 16 year drought by winning the NL West. In a huge mid-season trade with the Padres, SF picked up key pieces to their divison winning puzzle. Can you name the three players who made their way up the coast from San Diego to San Francisco?
    Dave Dravecky, Kevin Mitchell and Craig Lefferts
    Rick Reuschel, Dave Dravecky and Don Robinson
    Don Robinson, Kevin Mitchell and Matt Williams
    John Burkett, Craig Lefferts and Scott Garrelts

21. In 1987, this second time around Giant hit 2 grand slams in one week to keep the Giants on pace for their first NL West divison crown in 16 years. Who is he?
    Answer: ( Two words, or just surname ... he's one of my personal favorite Giants)

22. In 1989 the Giants were NL Champions. The heart and soul of the '89 team was Will Clark. What is Will's somewhat unusual middle name?

23. Who's foulball did Kevin Mitchell catch barehanded to etch a place in baseball highlight reel history?
    Terry Pendelton
    Tony Pena
    Jose Oquendo
    Ozzie Smith

24. In game 4 of '89 NLCS, Matt Williams had a marathon at-bat against Cub reliever Steve Wilson before nailing a go-ahead 2-run homer which eventually gave the Giants a 5-4 win. How many pitches did Matty see during that at-bat?

25. In game 5 of the '89 NLCS, "The Thrill", Will Clark sealed the Giants first trip to the World Series since 1962 with a 2-run line drive single up the middle off of Cub stopper Mitch Williams. Which two Giants scored on that memorable base-hit?
    Robby Thompson and Pat Sheridan
    Candy Maldonado and Brett Butler
    Greg Litton and Jose Uribe
    Brett Butler and Matt Williams

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