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The American Dream

Created by robert362

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : American Dream
The American Dream game quiz
"A look at the American Dream in movies, plays and novels."

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1. The ultimate tale of the American Dream gone wrong is Arthur Miller's "Death of A Salesman". What actor received stellar reviews for his performance in the theatre as Willy Loman?
    Jose Ferer
    Lee J. Cobb
    E.G. Marshall
    Rod Steiger

2. Montgomery Clift is out to make his way up the ladder in "A Place in the Sun". It doesn't quite work out - largely because he falls for Elizabeth Taylor. When does she first take notice of him?
    When he's shooting pool
    At a resort
    At the factory where he works
    In her father's office

3. There actually is a play entitled "The American Dream". Who is the author?
    Tennessee Williams
    Edward Albee
    William Inge
    Eugene O'Neill

4. In "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit" Gregory Peck decides that the cost (to family) of climbing the corporate ladder is too high. Who plays his boss - a man that has made the opposite decision?
    Paul Muni
    Fredric March
    Edmond O'Brien
    James Whitmore

5. In "Wall Street", who utters the famous line that "greed is good"?
    Martin Sheen
    Charlie Sheen
    Michael Douglas
    Daryl Hannah

6. In "Patterns", Van Heflin squares off against new employer Everett Sloane in a well-acted drama that was a "breakthrough" for an up-and-coming writer? Who was the writer?
    Rod Serling
    Paddy Chayefsky
    Carl Reiner
    W.R. Burnett

7. Which of these movies does NOT deal in some way with the idea that "success in business has its price"?
    The Blue Dahlia
    The Apartment
    The Sweet Smell of Success
    Sorry, Wrong Number

8. "Disclosure" is sex discrimination in reverse: the man is the victim of a woman who will help his career along ... if. Who is the woman?
    Susan Sarandon
    Jane Fonda
    Candice Bergen
    Demi Moore

9. Kirk Douglas sacrifices his humanity on his way to the top of the boxing world. What is the movie?
    Requiem for A Heavyweight
    On the Waterfront
    Body and Soul

10. Which of these writers is well-known for satirizing (and criticizing)
American business and businessmen?
    Sinclair Lewis
    Thomas Wolfe
    John Steinbeck
    William Faulkner

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Compiled Jun 28 12