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Created by doctormjh

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC game quiz
"This quiz is designed as an introduction to the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and more specifically the premier MMA organization in the world; the UFC."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What do the letters UFC, as stated in the title of this quiz, stand for?
    Ultimate Fighting Challenge
    Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Ultimate Fatality Championship
    Unbelievable Fighting Challenge

2. He is nicknamed, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy", he appeared on national TV on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period". What is his name?
    Tito Ortiz
    Pedro Rizzo
    Ken Shamrock
    Josh Barnett

3. What is the name of the ring that competitiors fight in in the UFC?
    Answer: (One or two words. A shape)

4. Who was the winner of the first UFC tournament in 1993, defeating three people in one night?
    Royce Gracie
    Don Frye
    Ken Shamrock
    Mark Coleman

5. The WWE's Kurt Angle defeated this man in the US wrestling trials, before going on to win the Olympic gold medal. The man that Angle beat in the US trials went on to two UFC tournaments, at UFC 14 and UFC 15. Who is he?
    Mark Kerr
    Randy Cotoure
    Mark Coleman
    Ricco Rodriguez

6. Ken Shamrock's initial spell in the UFC was between 1993 and 1996, in the early UFC's between UFC's 1 and 9, as well as the Ultimate Ultimate '96 tournament Ken Shamrock never won a UFC tournament?

7. Mark Coleman won the UFC 11 tournament, which involved 8 men but won it in a strange way, what happened?
    Coleman's opponent in the final injured himself as they were moving across the octagon to engage at the start of the fight and the corner threw in the towel
    Before the fight started a cornerman of Colemans opponent attacked Coleman, thus getting his fighter disqualified
    Coleman's opponent was in hospital instead of being able to fight
    A man in the crowd attacked Coleman's opponent rendering him unable to fight

8. Which of the following have never competed in both the MMA, as well as the WWF?
    Ken Shamrock
    Don Frye
    Dan Severn
    Kurt Angle

9. The UFC 3, eight man tournament was won by Steve Jennum, but what was strange about his victory?
    Steve Jennum won all three matches by default after his opponents retired injured
    Steve Jennum did not receive the winners check because he was not old enough to receive a cash prize, therefore the cash went to the runner up
    Steve Jennum was knocked out by his opponent in round 2 but it was deemed to be after the final bell andJennum went on to take the decision
    Steve Jennum only fought one match that night

10. On Friday September 27, 2002, a new heavyweight champion was crowned, defeating Randy Couture for the vacant heavyweight title. Who is he?
    Ricco Rodriguez
    Josh Barnett
    Pedro Rizzo
    Frank Mir

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