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"Matlock" - "The Foursome" Part III

Created by ladymacb29

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Matlock  The Foursome Part III game quiz
"I had so many questions for my quiz on this episode that I had to make three parts. Please take the first two parts first as the questions go in order of the episode."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What day of the week did the murder take place?

2. What was the name of the woman at the bank that helped Mr. Avery?
    Martha Solomon
    Sarah Chaulkins
    Karen Brown
    Helen Avery

3. Whose fingerprints were found on only 3 of the $50 bills found at the murder scene?

4. On what date did Matlock say Lauren had signed into booking and evidence, respectively?
    23rd and 26th
    24th and 27th
    25th and 26th
    24th and 25th

5. Who was the real killer?
    Stanton Avery
    Lauren Richmond
    Fred Turner
    Ellis Blake

6. Who, besides Lauren and Ben, spoke to the judge as a lawyer?
    Answer: (One Word - first name only)

7. What reason did Lauren give for trying to frame Ellis?
    She was "tired of seeing guilty men go free."
    She knew that "he had gotten away with a murder before."
    She was actually his step-daughter.
    She was paid by Tom Neville.

8. What did Julie say after Lauren confessed?
    She didn't speak - she was too mad.
    She asked that "Lauren be remanded into custody pending investigation by the District Attorney's office."
    She was "asking for a judgement not withstanding the verdict."
    She asked for "the verdict Ellis Blake's set aside."

9. What reason did Lauren give to Julie and Ben as to why she did what she did?
    She had "been doing some drugs..."
    She was "under so much pressure."
    "The money was so much, I couldn't refuse."
    "I hated that man so much..."

10. At the end of the episode, who was buying dinner?
    Answer: (one word - Julie or Ben)

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Compiled Jun 28 12