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Created by Teej417

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Ghosts
Ghosts game quiz
"You all know about the ghost stories, but let's see how much you know about the technical stuff."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the mist-like energy known as?

2. What is considered the most haunted place in the world?
    Berlin, Germany
    Chillingham Castle, England
    Ohio University, Ohio
    Paris, France

3. What does EMF stand for?
    Answer: ( Three Words .. don't forget the hyphen )

4. Which one of these is FALSE about orbs?
    They can range in shape, from coin-sized to the size of a person
    They have never been caught on tape
    They have been seen to be almost every color of the rainbow
    They can be considered a form of ectoplasm

5. What kind of ghost is considered the 'playful' ghost because it knocks stuff off of shelves, shuts doors, etc. but has been known to hurt and even kill people?
    'Time' Ghosts
    Shadow People

6. True or false: One of the things people forget about the most while ghost hunting is to ask permission before going on someone's property?

7. Which one of these is most often confused with orbs in ghost pictures?
    The light from flashlights
    Cigarette smoke
    Crystal objects that reflect light

8. Which type of ghosts are known as "stalker" ghosts because they follow certain people while hiding in the darkness?
    Shadow People

9. Which of these Universities is best known for its ghosts?
    Harvard University
    Berkeley University
    Michigan State University
    Ohio University

10. What kind of ghost energy is usually seen in graveyards and resembles mist or smoke?
    Answer: (One word only)

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Compiled Aug 06 12