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Carolina Panthers History

Created by stuartnc31

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Carolina Panthers History game quiz
"Think you know Panthers football history and lore? Try your hand at this quiz. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who scored the first ever regular season touchdown for the Panthers during their inaugural 1995 campaign?
    Sam Mills
    Kevin Greene
    Kerry Collins
    Pete Metzelaars

2. The first regular season opponent of the Panthers was whom?
    Atlanta Falcons
    Los Angeles Rams
    New Orleans Saints
    San Francisco 49'ers

3. Panther LB Sam Mills attended what university?
    Morehead State
    Middle Tennessee State University
    University of Maryland
    Montclair State

4. What team did the Panthers defeat, to win their first game in the regular season, in their first season of 1995?
    New York Giants
    Atlanta Falcons
    New Orleans Saints
    New York Jets

5. Where did the Panthers play their home games in their first season?
    Raleigh, NC
    Columbia, SC
    Clemson, SC
    Charlotte, NC

6. Who was the first majority owner of the Carolina Panthers franchise?
    Jeff Richardson
    Mark Richardson
    Jerry Richardson
    George Shinn

7. Panthers WR Muhsin Muhammad attended what university?
    University of Texas
    University of Michigan
    Michigan State University
    University of Wisconsin

8. Who was the first player selected by the Panthers in the expansion draft, that allocated them their players in 1995?
    Rod Smith
    Pete Metzelaars
    Sam Mills
    Wesley Walls

9. Who did the Panthers acquire kicker John Kasay from, before their first season began?
    Seattle Seahawks
    Houston Oilers
    Atlanta Falcons
    Kansas City Chiefs

10. What famous personality was the first player ever cut by the Carolina Panthers?
    Answer: (Two Words or just surname (think celebrity))

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