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1 Animals A to Z
Well, almost A to Z...since I can only have 25 questions, not 26, I have left out the letter X...
25 Q
Feb 18 00
52944 plays
2 Really Bad Eggs
Everyone knows that chickens lay eggs. But while baby chicks are fluffy and cute, here are ten oviparous creatures you wouldn't like to meet. Crack these eggs and prepare to be horrified.
10 Q
Apr 26 12
2655 plays
3 At Home in the Cold
Some animals are perfectly at home in the icy, cold regions. Your task in this quiz is to identify each animal based on the information given. Ready, set, let's go out in the cold.
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
4 Shh! What Was That Noise?
Adams627, expert zoologist, stalks (and is stalked by) his prey. His finely attuned ears catch the minute vibrations in the air to identify the creatures he encounters. Can you do the same?
10 Q
Dec 05 10
2694 plays
5 The World's Most Dangerous Animals
A quiz identifying the ten most dangerous animals in the world. They earned their places according to human fatalities they cause in an average year. It's surprising which animals do and don't make the list. Lock your doors and windows before you begin!
10 Q
Apr 09 10
16239 plays
6 Creatures of the Night
It was a dark and stormy night. Around the world, ten campers pitched tents, cooked dinner or settled into their sleeping bags, unaware that they were about to meet the local nocturnal wildlife. Help these hapless hikers name the creatures of the night.
10 Q
Jul 27 10
3960 plays
7 Animal Doggerel - Anagrams for the Foolhardy
Check out the CAPITAL NAMES each time - Then read the verse if you're game - Find the animal that you're looking for - And check out its claim to fame
10 Q
Oct 31 04
7410 plays
8 Dazzler the Lizard Runs for her Life!
It was a dark and stormy night and Dazzler the lizard had to run from her enemies far and wide. There are so many creatures for whom lizards are just a tasty snack...
10 Q
Jul 15 10
4884 plays
9 O Hai Der!
The internet has an uncanny way of making cute animals cuter with 'LOLspeak'. What people don't realize is that cute animals can be just as deadly as can be. Can you identify these cute animals with unmistakable dark sides? Good luck!
10 Q
May 16 12
2856 plays
10 The Wonderful World of Animals
I dedicate my 100th quiz to our animal friends whose absence would make this planet rather dull. Good luck and have fun.
25 Q
Jun 24 04
13143 plays
11 No Henry, You Cannot Keep This as a Pet.
Henry is desperate to have a pet, but unfortunately his choices are somewhat less than suitable.
10 Q
Jan 09 13
2775 plays
12 Animal Hodgepodge #3
Here is the third of my Animal Hodgepodge quizzes, which aims to test your knowledge of an assortment of animals. Enjoy!
10 Q
Nov 16 13
1968 plays
13 It Was the Worst of Times for Animals
Luckily, it later turned out to be the best of times. Let's look at some of the highs and lows for individual animals and animal species throughout the years.
10 Q
Feb 10 10
726 plays
14 Animal Haiku
Team quiz by Pi in the Sky
This time Pi in the Sky will use its poetic creativity to bring you a quiz on animals.
10 Q
Feb 18 13
1851 plays
15 10 'Q' Animal Names
Can you imagine finding ten different creatures that have names beginning with the letter Q? It's not a pretty process, but I somehow managed it. Now, it's up to you to guess the answers to these 'Q'uestions based on my clues!
10 Q
Feb 03 04
7626 plays
16 What Did Ralph See?
Ralph the llama has just come back from his world travels and has many stories to tell us. Can you help Ralph identify some of the dangerous creatures he encountered from the brief descriptions he will give?
10 Q
Sep 16 09
2493 plays
17 What Egg is That?
Can you identify each animal from its egg? Don't worry too much about recognising them all: I'll also give you some hints to help you narrow it down.
10 Q
Aug 26 13
1131 plays
18 Animal Diaries Pt.2
This quiz looks at what ten *more* young animals would have to say about their life and early experiences if they were able to record such thoughts in a diary. Enjoy!
10 Q
Aug 19 10
525 plays
19 I Know You Are, But What Am I?
A quiz like this might make you sigh - these animals run, swim or fly. FT you're playing, you're a human being - I know you are, but what am I?
10 Q
Aug 13 12
2133 plays
20 What is This Animal?
Here are ten unusually named animals, some of which are very rare or now extinct. See how many of these facts about them you know. Have fun!
10 Q
Nov 21 12
1212 plays
21 Animal Hodgepodge #2
Here is the second of my Animal Hodgepodge quizzes, which aims to test your knowledge of an assortment of animals. Enjoy!
10 Q
May 29 13
762 plays
22 Male or Female?
Some activities are conducted only by male animals, some only by females. For each example, type M if only the male does it, F if only the female, or B for both.
15 Q
Oct 29 01
12591 plays
23 What in the World is a Nittany Lion?
Okay, so the Nittany Lion is the mascot of Penn State, but would you have really known that if I hadn't told you? More to the point, how many REAL animals have you never heard of? Let's find out shall we?
10 Q
Oct 14 12
504 plays
24 Telling Ducks From Cats, The Easy Way
If you've tried doing "Telling Ducks From Cats, The Hard Way" (or even if you haven't), here's a quiz on some easier methods.
10 Q
May 11 05
15651 plays
25 Dogs Have Masters. Cats Have Staff.
This quiz covers a variety of felines and canines, both domestic and wild! Quiz was a part of the Masterclass challenge and the title was taken from Author Challenges. My apologies if this was your title. Please let me know, so I can credit you!
10 Q
May 20 14
654 plays
26 Crazy Creatures
I'm going to describe an exotic animal, and you'll try to figure out what it it! This is my first quiz, so if you have any comments, don't be shy. Have fun!
10 Q
Mar 15 13
555 plays
27 Animal Diaries Pt.1
This quiz looks at what some young animals might have to say if they were able to record their feelings and experiences in a diary. Enjoy!
10 Q
Aug 15 10
573 plays
28 A 'Q'ueue of Animals
Have fun identifying the animals in this quiz, all of them beginning with the letter 'Q'.
10 Q
Mar 28 12
909 plays
29 Night Shift
Young Dora is a bit of an explorer and likes meeting interesting creatures wherever she travels with her parents. As she has a new torch to play with, she has been going out at night. See if you can work out who is on night shift from the clues given.
10 Q
May 08 13
492 plays
30 Telling Ducks From Cats, The Hard Way
How hard can it be to tell a duck from a cat? Try this quiz and see for yourself.
10 Q
May 10 05
3570 plays
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This is category 5343
Last Updated Jul 02 14 11:08 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* The name of this animal is Afrikaans for 'earth pig'.
* This is a small nocturnal primate with very large eyes.
* This African cat has tufts of black hair on its ears and can jump 10 feet in the air to catch a bird.
* This large marine animal is a cousin of the manatee.
* This is also called a stoat or a short-tail weasel, in different regions.

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