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Trivia that doesn't fit anywhere else, as well as mixed trivia about many kinds of animals.
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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
folder Animals by Region (85) folder Animal Groups (27)
folder Animal Records (6) folder Baby Animal Names (5)
folder Endangered Species (19) folder Famous Animals (20)
folder General Veterinary Science (7) folder Identify the Animal (57)
folder Mixed Animal Trivia (89, 1 new) folder Specific Topic Animal Trivia (67)
folder Taxonomy and Scientific Names (16) folder Zoos of the World (5)
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1 A is for Animal
Here are ten questions about animals whose common names begin with the letter A. Easy, right?
10 Q
Apr 26 15
363 plays
2 Order, Family, Genus or Species?
Some animal names are more specific than others. This quiz requires you to determine into which taxonomic rank each animal term fits. For example, is it the name of a species or a family?
10 Q
Sep 21 14
321 plays
3 Animals - Now and Then
A little bit of this and that, the quiz deals with both extinct species and creatures still roaming the earth. Good luck and stay on the alert - you don't know what's out there! :D
25 Q
Aug 26 14
624 plays
4 Amazing Animals
You all see a lots of animals around you or on TV. But do you know that such organisms also possess some special characteristics that are really amazing. This quiz is about their special characteristics. Enjoy and be surprised.
10 Q
Aug 12 14
894 plays
5 Animals in the Ancient World
Here are ten questions about animals that were a familiar part of ancient Greek and Roman life.
10 Q
May 04 14
930 plays
6 Top Ten Top Tens
These questions relate to "Top Ten" lists of facts about animals. The information is taken from "The Top Ten Of Everything, 2011" by Russell Ash. Some of the interesting information is taken from the same source.
10 Q
Mar 15 14
1356 plays
7 Kool Kritter Kwiz
Here is a krazy kwiz about animals that start with the letter "K". Have fun and enjoy these kool kritters and the trivia kwestions about them!
10 Q
Feb 08 14
1770 plays
8 My Exotic Pets
I have had the priviledge of owning animals that were not intended to be pets, but circumstances brought them to me. Others, are considered exotic pets, but all of them have their unique personalities.
10 Q
Jan 01 14
1098 plays
9 Yes, They're After You
How do you know when an animal is after you? 1. He's running toward you, or looks like he might. 2. You're running away from him. It's unlikely you'll encounter most of these except for the last, which you may not see, but you will hear and feel. Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 29 13
1461 plays
10 Back in a Flash
Come one, come all and soon you'll see a collection of animals wild as can be. Be warned, be quick, and maybe you'll glimpse the fastest of creatures by earth, air, and sea.
10 Q
Nov 05 13
1293 plays
11 Wild Animals of the World
Ten questions about wild animals from all over the world. I have tried to include as many representatives from different animal groups as possible, from varied habitats and ranges. I hope you enjoy my debut quiz!
10 Q
Mar 19 13
1245 plays
12 My... What Big Teeth you Have!
More than just a pretty smile. Teeth can scare off rivals or tear apart prey. Sometimes they stand out as something special. From fearsome fangs to towering tusks, these choppers are a cut above.
10 Q
Oct 21 11
2226 plays
13 Things that go Hump in the Desert
Team quiz by The Alberta Pioneers
This quiz will detail the "Ships of the Desert" and other critters of the deserts of Asia and Africa.
10 Q
May 08 11
1830 plays
14 Fascinating Animal Behaviour
The behaviour of animals has always been considered interesting as the popularity of nature programs on television shows. Here are some examples that I found to share with you.
10 Q
May 26 10
5136 plays
15 Now That's a Beguiling Beastie!
Fascinated with animals? Forget those fictional Jabberwocks. Nature has already provided us with some weird, yucky, wacky creatures. Can you identify these real animals from their descriptions?
10 Q
Oct 28 11
3186 plays
16 Just Another Critter Quiz
Just a grab bag of miscellaneous animal questions for all you animal lovers. Everyone is invited to play. Have fun!
10 Q
Jul 08 10
4629 plays
17 There's No Place Like Home
There's no place like home. Just ask any animal. There are many different names for the places that animals call home. How many of these ten do you know?
10 Q
Jun 09 12
4023 plays
18 Follow That...Thing!
There are many strange and unusual animals on our planet. Some are simply rare, others are very shy, and others are found only in small geographic areas. If you were to see one of these in the wild, you very well might yell "Follow That...Thing"!
10 Q
Jun 04 14
1200 plays
19 I'm Feeling Slothful
They're sometimes scary, sometimes hairy, often cute, seldom mute. We share this world with so many wonderful creatures, we should get to know them better. Are you ready to meet a few of them?
10 Q
Sep 24 09
1761 plays
20 The Extinction Distinction
Here's a quiz about globally extinct species of animals which only disappeared fairly recently... I wonder what will be next!?
10 Q
Nov 04 14
813 plays
21 Hairy Houdinis
Experience the magical world of mammalian tool manufacture and/or manipulation.
10 Q
Sep 20 09
1602 plays
22 Animal Behavior
This quiz concerns knowledge of terms used in studying animal behavior, and will give some examples to elaborate concepts. I took this module in my final year of high school, so high school biology is recommended. Have fun!
10 Q
Dec 03 09
2784 plays
This is category 48
Last Updated May 25 15 5:48 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* When preparing to dine, Dwarf Mongooses will typically do what to gain access to the tasty contents of eggs?
* Naked moles rats have large teeth that they use to dig tunnels, but how do they avoid breathing most of the dirt they stir up?
* Ground squirrels have been observed using what substance as a weapon against predatory snakes?
* It is well known that chimpanzees use sticks as tools for digging and collecting insects to eat, but did you know they also use leaves to make beds, drinking cups, and what other useful item?
* In order to protect their snouts while foraging for food, Indian Bottlenose Dolphins in the Australian Pacific area have developed what device?

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