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Endangered, extinct and other exotice species.
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1 Endangered in the U.S.
Some questions on endangered species in the United States- both on the species themselves and on causes of endangerment.
15 Q
May 27 00
6888 plays
2 Extinct!
While many species of animals waver over the lines of endangerment, some fall too far past saving and ultimately find themselves extinct. See what you know about these animals that cease to exist on our planet. Good luck!
10 Q
May 30 10
2532 plays
3 They Can't be Extinct - I Just Caught One!
"Lazarus species" is what they are called. Animals thought to be extinct until rediscovered years, decades, and sometimes centuries later.
10 Q
Sep 02 10
1170 plays
4 Kill 'Em While You Can
Your first thoughts on hearing "endangered species" are probably: precious, protect, preserve. History, however, is rife with examples to the contrary.
10 Q
Dec 14 14
312 plays
5 200 Years of Extinctions
Extinction is a natural occurrence on our planet. Unfortunately, human beings have been responsible either directly or indirectly for extinctions skyrocketing in the past 200 years. Let's explore some unique animals that will grace this planet no more.
15 Q
Nov 08 09
1086 plays
6 Attenborough's Ark
In 2012, Sir David Attenborough hosted a television documentary about ten animals he would most like to see saved from extinction. He focused on some of the less well-known endangered species, with which you may or may not be familiar.
10 Q
Aug 09 14
420 plays
7 A Challenge Lost
Here are ten different animals that lost the challenge to stay alive. Most became extinct through the sheer stupidity and ignorance of humans. These animals will never be seen again except in the artwork that some of us were smart enough create.
10 Q
Nov 09 13
1059 plays
8 Going, Going, Gone!
Here are ten photos of animals that are now extinct or very close to it. While some are gone forever, some are Lazarus species and have been rediscovered after being declared extinct. Will you ever get to see one of these animals? Probably not.
10 Q
Nov 26 14
429 plays
9 They've Cheated Extinction
Zoologists use to call them 'living fossils' but in fact they proved to be the most adaptable creatures in the animal kingdom. Let's just hope our human kind will last as much as any of these species.
10 Q
Jun 08 03
7131 plays
10 The Last, But Not Least
A quiz on the last sightings of animals that have recently gone extinct. The last specimens of many of these animals may have been the last but they were definitely not the least. There are photographs of all of these animals available on the web.
10 Q
May 06 12
753 plays
11 Going, Going, Gone
In our current age, the risk of species becoming extinct is one that frequently comes to public attention. Here are a few species that lost the battle - some well before it became a contentious issue, and some despite every effort.
10 Q
Oct 04 11
588 plays
12 Welcome to My Zoo
Thelma Thylacine has been recruited to invite some endangered Australian animals to become members of a virtual zoo, so that they will not be forgotten should the worst happen to them. Can you identify the recipient of each invitation?
10 Q
Jan 09 12
516 plays
13 Endangered Animals
I've decided to be daring; and chose a random category in every quiz category. I plan on writing a quiz in every category based on the category randomly chosen for me. This quiz is about endangered animals, extinct in the wild.
10 Q
Dec 15 11
798 plays
14 Endangered China
As we tour the beautiful country of China, I would like to draw your attention to the incredible variety of wildlife that we will encounter along the way. I will point out a few rare gems that you should take note of... can you name them all?
10 Q
May 30 14
237 plays
15 Endangered Animals Around The World
These animals are low in numbers and are in danger of becoming extinct. They need protection and YOUR HELP.
10 Q
Jul 02 00
5028 plays
16 I Officially Declare You Completely Extinct!
Since the beginning of the 20th century, more the forty-eight different species of animals have been officially declared completely extinct. Let's see how much you know about some of them.
10 Q
Jun 02 13
561 plays
17 Endangered Species
A quiz on endangered species from around the world.
10 Q
Nov 14 00
3960 plays
18 Animals 'discovered' in the 20th Century
Species of animals, previously unknown to science, are being discovered each year. This is a quiz about some of them.
10 Q
Jul 14 02
1026 plays
19 Endangered Animals
Can you correctly identify the endangered animals?
5 Q
May 04 01
3261 plays
This is category 5347
Last Updated May 08 15 7:14 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* This wild canine once lived in much of the southern U.S., but today has only a tiny fragment of its former range. Attempts are being made to reintroduce it into the wild.
* This wild cat was also once a common denizen of Southern forests; now only a handful survive in the wild.
* This is one of the few endangered hoofed mammals of the U.S.
* The addition of this animal to the ranks of endangered and threatened species in 2000 caused great controversy in Montana, where locals feared attempts to protect it would limit trapping and logging.
* This bird, to many people, symbolizes the conflict over enforcement of the Endangered Species Act.

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