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Play Artiodactyls- Deer, Antelopes, Pigs etc. Topic Mash! - Scores
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1 Endangered: The Key Deer
The Key deer is a small deer that was first described in 1553. Endemic to a small part of the United States, its long-term survival is uncertain.
10 Q
Nov 30 14
63 plays
2 Endangered: The Majestic Addax
The addax is an example of an animal that is extremely rare in the wild, and has more individuals living in zoos than in the wild. They are a very striking animal whose beauty has brought them close to extinction.
10 Q
Jan 01 13
264 plays
3 All About Okapi
What is an okapi, you ask? Well, take this quiz and find out!
10 Q
May 29 06
1650 plays
4 Ralph the Llama's Family Photo Album
Ralph the Llama has found a family photo album in the back of a cupboard. The pictures he finds have raised some interesting questions - can you help him answer them?
10 Q
Mar 01 11
1002 plays
5 The Uses of Hippopotamuses
Few animals are seen as both fearsome, yet friendly, but this description can arguably be applied to the hippopotamus. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of this mysterious beast.
10 Q
Aug 19 12
384 plays
6 Moose on the Loose
This quiz covers factual information about a great American native species- the moose. No Rocky the Flying Squirrel in this quiz!
10 Q
Nov 09 06
2841 plays
7 Hippo Hero
Hippopotamuses (or hippopotami) are amazing creatures. I've asked for one for Christmas every year since I was young. Here's a quiz about a very amazing animal, good luck!
10 Q
Dec 14 06
2292 plays
8 White-tailed Deer In My Yard
The world is not only constantly changing for people, it is changing for other species too. Habitat loss and other causes force many members of wildlife to seek survival in what once was unusual places - such as suburban yards. See photos.
10 Q
Oct 11 14
345 plays
9 Have I Got Gnus for You
As Flanders and Swann sang, the gnu is 'the gnicest work of gnature', but how much do you know about the animal?
10 Q
Dec 29 12
507 plays
10 Ain't That an Antelope
Antelope species are the most numerous large animals found in the wild in Southern Africa. These are known locally as buck. How well do you know the differences between them?
10 Q
Feb 11 07
1008 plays
11 The Mighty Moose
The largest member of the deer family, the moose has delighted and intrigued inhabitants of northern regions for hundreds of years. How much do you know of this impressive creature?
10 Q
Sep 23 07
2004 plays
12 Male Deer Have Buck Teeth
Here we shall span the globe examining the male variety of deer and deer teeth in general.
10 Q
Jul 29 09
693 plays
13 Another Antelope Quiz
This quiz is about the antelope of Southern Africa. I will describe the antelope, you tell me what it is. It is dedicated to Madison_17 and LordHaag, who think that a buck is a buck is biltong.
10 Q
Mar 07 07
1194 plays
14 Ralph Meets the Family
Ralph the llama wants to learn more about his family (the camelid family). Join him as he visits different members of his family and hopefully picks up some even-toed ungulate related information along the way. :)
10 Q
Nov 20 09
384 plays
15 Bambi Go Home!
OK, I'm not over fond of deer. But before you write me off as a Disney hating, eco-criminal TAKE THIS QUIZ! ...If you dare.
10 Q
Feb 04 04
3399 plays
16 Do You Know Your Zebras?
A few years ago I found myself running a marathon in the foothills of Mount Kenya. Suddenly, a small herd of Zebra crashed through the underbrush missing me by scant inches. What do you know about these stallions of the Serengeti?
10 Q
Feb 09 12
348 plays
17 White-Tailed Deer
White-tailed deer are medium sized deer and are native to most of North America. This quiz includes some general knowledge about white-tailed deer. Take it and find out how much you know about them.
10 Q
Jan 08 09
1422 plays
18 Smallest Antelope in Africa. The Blue Duiker
Meet this shy little antelope, you won't regret it!
10 Q
Mar 17 09
426 plays
19 Getting My Goat
Get your goat is a slang term meaning to make you annoyed or angry. Since I don't normally get annoyed or angry, I have decided to channel my energy into searching for real wild goats!
10 Q
Mar 12 14
273 plays
20 Giraffes
This quiz is for all the giraffe lovers out there. Take a moment and see how much you know about these beautiful creatures.
10 Q
Sep 10 02
1485 plays
21 How Much Do You Know About Warthogs?
Warthogs are extraordinary animals. This quiz tells you a lot about them. Have fun!
10 Q
Aug 07 00
1956 plays
22 Hello Up There, Mr. Giraffe
Take my quiz and get acquainted with these magnificent and unique animals.
10 Q
Jul 27 10
330 plays
23 Do You Know Your Giraffes?
How well do you know giraffes? Not well? Very well? Come on and take this quiz to learn about nature's 'long necks' of our time!
15 Q
Aug 07 01
1680 plays
24 What's so Boaring about Pigs?
Nothing is boring about pigs! Pigs are some of the most intelligent and adaptable animals on the planet. Im making this quiz to show people that pigs aren't fat, lazy, and stupid like everyone make them out to be!
10 Q
Oct 14 11
462 plays
25 Info. on Giraffes
This quiz gives you just a few basic giraffe facts. Some are ACTUALLY interesting.
10 Q
Jan 14 01
1983 plays
26 Ungulates
A quiz about ungulates.
10 Q
Apr 05 04
1506 plays
27 Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep are wonderful and beautiful creatures. What do you know about them? Note for this quiz: A male bighorn sheep is called a ram, and a female bighorn is called an ewe.
10 Q
Feb 06 04
795 plays
28 Only Okapis!
One of my favorite animals is the shy and wonderful okapi. "What's an okapi?" you ask. Take this quiz and find out.
10 Q
Mar 27 05
657 plays
29 Deer, Deer, Deer!
Do you really know what a deer is? Try this basic quiz and realise the truth! Some of this information is specific to Australia.
10 Q
Sep 22 05
1647 plays
30 Are You Takin to Me?
Hey, I'm "takin" to you! Here is a quiz about the little-known takin. Try it and learn more about these very cool ungulates.
10 Q
Mar 08 06
510 plays
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