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1 Celebrity Sink or Swim
Sink or swim it seems so simple or to paraphrase the Bard, "To succeed or not to succeed that is the question." The life of a celebrity is full of ups and downs. This quiz will examine celebrities who have sunk, swam and everything in between.
10 Q
Mar 27 12
1356 plays
2 Celebrities' Personal Trademarks
Who was known for yelling "Heeere's Johnny" on TV? Right, Ed McMahon. Who was famous for wearing one white glove? Yes, Michael Jackson. Many others are known for things they say, do, wear, etc. See if you can tell whose idiosyncrasies these are.
10 Q
Mar 06 13
753 plays
3 Little Miss Scatterbrain
We all have our "scatterbrain" moments and some are real "eye-brow raisers." Can you identify the Little Miss Scatterbrains from the incident descriptions given?
10 Q
Mar 01 12
666 plays
4 Oops, Did I Do That? Part 2
How many celebrities lately have we heard this remark? Were they innocent or were they guilty? What I want to know are how many different actors and actresses have been in trouble in the past few years? Do you remember these incidents?
10 Q
Feb 09 04
15141 plays
5 Boy, that Girl's Just Trouble!
Celebrities seem to have it all: fame and fortune, glamor and glitz! How much do you know about Hollywood's bad girls?
10 Q
Jul 27 09
4521 plays
6 Another One Bites the Dust
Here are ten celebrities who were unable to maintain their carefully cultivated public personas for long.
Very Easy
10 Q
Dec 31 12
1374 plays
7 Celebrity Legends: Fact or Fiction?
Celebrities will always be there to entertain the masses. Sometimes, though, urban legends pop up about particular celebrities that do not necessarily ring true. How much do you know about these celebrity urban legends?
10 Q
Jan 02 03
8535 plays
8 Run Amok
Celebrities have long had a history of behaving badly and leaving trails of destruction in their wake. Can you identify these ten worst offenders?
10 Q
Jun 26 12
1890 plays
9 Oops, Did I Do That? Part 1
How many celebrities lately have we heard this remark? Were they innocent or were they guilty? What I want to know is how many different actors and actresses have been in trouble in the past few years? Do you remember each of them?
10 Q
Nov 26 03
9351 plays
10 Celebrities Behaving Badly
As we all know, fame and money sometimes bring out the worst in people. Many celebs have had brushes (or, in some case, more) with the law- see how much you know about them. (Note: This focuses on American celebs)
15 Q
Jun 11 03
9147 plays
11 So Much For Subtlety...
From the author challenge list of titles, this quiz covers celebrities that have never been known to be subtle. Best of luck.
10 Q
Feb 14 12
618 plays
12 The Beauty of Eccentricity
All of the following celebrities are famous for eccentricity of one sort or another. Please note these are mainly British.
10 Q
Jan 06 13
363 plays
13 Ralph's Not So Starstruck
When faced with the question from ten celebrities of "do you know who I am?!" Ralph the llama's answer is, simply, "no". Take this quiz to look at some of the greatest celebrity rants, strops, and storm-offs.
10 Q
Jul 23 10
420 plays
14 Baa Baa Black Sheep
A black sheep is a someone who is a disgrace to their family. Perhaps these celebrities have been black sheep a time or two to their family... NOTE: Not everyone will agree that these people are really "black sheep".
10 Q
May 18 11
2118 plays
15 Truth or Fiction: Celebrity Edition
This round of Truth or Fiction focuses on those e-mail rumors about well-known celebrities. Information verified through sources like,, and
10 Q
Apr 11 04
2880 plays
16 Fifteen Minutes of Notoriety
These celebrities got slightly more than they bargained for when they were asked to appear at (or just plain disrupted) various television shows. How many of these notorious "it's all going horribly wrong" incidents can you remember?
10 Q
Feb 27 11
867 plays
17 You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!
Have you looked at the news on television and thought to yourself, "what was he thinking?" This quiz will not only let you play along, but you'll get to enjoy my wild opinions.
10 Q
Jul 16 04
4350 plays
18 Not All Celebrity News is Tabloid
There is a lot of tabloid behaviour with celebrities these days and things have gotten out of hand with falls from grace by Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. However, they do not reflect all celebrities.
10 Q
Feb 05 08
1401 plays
19 Hollywood Crime
I think it would be physically impossible to list all the celebrities that have either done criminal things or been involved with the law. Here's a couple-- for the record.
15 Q
Aug 19 02
3243 plays
20 Infamous Deeds of the Rich and Famous
This quiz deals with embarrassing incidents in the lives of Indian film stars, the kind they'd like to pretend never happened. Some are serious offenses while the others are relatively trivial.
10 Q
Feb 10 07
480 plays
21 See? Because of Me, They Have a Warning
While these gaffes may not have been reasons for warning labels, they are certainly cautionary tales. See if you can identify these no-nos.
10 Q
Jun 15 10
462 plays
22 Dames Of Dilemma
Do you recognize these women in trouble? They had destructive lives and relationships in film, on television shows, and in song. Match these works and victims of peril to their prospective performer.
15 Q
Jan 25 11
654 plays
23 Artificial Titles For Ten Celebrities
Ten celebrities whose features, deeds, jobs or special experiences resulted in artificial titles for each. Example John Gotti was given the title of 'Teflon Don'
10 Q
Aug 08 00
3288 plays
24 Celebrities: Drug Problems
This quiz deals with celebrities who have had a problem with drugs at one time or another. I'll give you some info. on the person and you fill in the blank with the correct name. Good luck and have fun! *Remember to be extremely careful with spelling.*
10 Q
Jul 26 01
1743 plays
25 Untruths About Hollywood Stars
Can you spot the statement that is untrue about your favorite Hollywood stars?
10 Q
Feb 16 01
1875 plays
26 Famous or Infamous Celebrity Figures
Famous and notorious figures of Popular culture. Enjoy!
Very Difficult
5 Q
Sep 16 00
2679 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Which of the following had the artificial title of 'The Great Profile'?
* Which of the following had the artificial title of 'Mr. Warmth'?
* Which of the following had the artificial title of 'Captain Outrageous'?
* Which of the following had the artificial title of 'The Velvet Fog'?
* Which of the following had the artificial title of 'The Chairman of the Board'?

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