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Celebrity Connections and Celebrity Faces
Celebrities With Something In Common

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1 Burning Rubber
Team quiz by Phoenix Rising
What is it about stars who race cars? This quiz looks at celebrities who have a fascination with four wheels and a race track.
10 Q
Apr 21 12
606 plays
2 More Than Fame
Is fame really everything? Faced with the realities of World War II, some celebrities thought not. Find out how each of these ten stars, mostly American, contributed to the Allied war effort.
10 Q
Apr 03 13
498 plays
3 Invertebrates Changed My Life!
How many celebrities can say that invertebrates helped them hit superstardom? Well, not many actually, but more than you may think! This quiz looks at just some of them.
10 Q
Jul 29 10
4197 plays
4 Famous Duos
Whether it be motion pictures, television, sports or what have you, there are many cases of famous duos from Gilbert and Sullivan to today. A rather easy test, really...
25 Q
Sep 03 00
11592 plays
5 What a Drag!
Let's explore some of the entertainers who have chosen to present themselves as a member of the opposite gender at some point in their career.
10 Q
Jun 06 12
837 plays
6 Today's the Day!
This is a quiz about celebrities who have some link to one of the days of the week. Nothing too tricky here. See if today is your lucky day by taking this quiz.
10 Q
Jun 11 13
822 plays
7 Love Rears Its Ugly Head
While many celebrities are known for their beautiful looks, this is not always the case. Here are some questions about people whose less than lovely looks have brought them notice.
10 Q
Mar 12 12
1899 plays
8 Mixed Celebrities
Here are some interesting facts on ten stars in either movies or television, or both. Have fun!
10 Q
Mar 25 13
915 plays
9 Celebrity Scars
Scars can be permanent and they can be removed. All of the events in this quiz caused scarring at the time. The personalities may or may not still bear these scars.
10 Q
Nov 06 09
1632 plays
10 Good Hollywood....Bad Hollywood
Let's take a look at some of Hollywood's bad boys and girls who should get credit for some of the good things that they do. What is this a joke... good from...Hollywood? Yes, I am serious. Sometimes the people in Hollywood do good for the world.
10 Q
Sep 26 13
651 plays
11 Just Duet!
Can YOU accept the challenge of answering questions regarding these celebrated pairs? Not all pairs performed vocally but were famous nonetheless. Good luck!
10 Q
Sep 29 09
2577 plays
12 The Sarah Siddons Society
The first time we saw a 'Sarah Siddons Award' it was a fictional prize being given in the 1950 cinematic homage to 'stardom'/catfights "All About Eve". Fast as that, though, a REAL version began in Chicago! Let's discuss the winners, shall we?
10 Q
Feb 11 07
312 plays
13 Where Sitcoms and Science Fiction Collide
You'd be surprised how many actors have been in both sitcoms and science fiction. Find out here!
10 Q
Feb 21 07
3255 plays
14 Lyin' Eyes
Here is a quiz all about celebrities with beautiful, unique, or unusual eyes. You will be familiar with most of them. No lie!
10 Q
Feb 25 13
969 plays
15 Stars and Scents
These stars may not have always shown good sense, but they all have great scents! Can you match the celebrity to their signature perfume? P.S. The hint is in the scandal!
10 Q
Nov 21 07
891 plays
16 Authors-AKA-Stars
This easy multiple choice quiz has 15 well-known people who have written a book. See if you can guess them all. Have fun and good luck!
15 Q
Sep 28 00
3765 plays
17 I Had Your Picture On My Wall
The following questions are about those pin-up posters we had on our bedroom walls as teen-agers. Let's go back to the late 1970s and early 1980s.
15 Q
Jul 31 02
3849 plays
18 Professorjon Presents "To Tell the Truth" [1]
This quiz is based on the game show "To Tell the Truth." I will present a celebrity and two imposters. It is your job to guess which person is the celebrity. The fake celebrities can tell the truth, but the real celebrity cannot tell a lie.
10 Q
Oct 16 02
1794 plays
19 One Eyed Jacks
Many people throughout history have been successful in spite of losing an eye. For nine of the questions, see (or half-see) if you can identify the famous people who didn't let an apparent handicap hold them back.
10 Q
Feb 17 04
675 plays
20 Celebrity Sex Change
Can you name these famous people who started life as men and ended up as women?
Very Difficult
10 Q
Oct 29 04
1494 plays
21 Professorjon Presents "To Tell the Truth" [2]
This quiz is like the classic game show "To Tell the Truth." I present 3 celebrities all claiming to be the real person. You must determine who is telling the truth.
10 Q
Oct 30 02
2487 plays
22 That Guy... You Know, That Guy
This quiz is dedicated to all those hardworking actors and actresses whose faces are familiar but whose names many never quite know, that one guy in that one movie.
10 Q
Aug 14 03
1479 plays
23 Celebrities Who Care
As a follow-up to a quiz I did on the anti-war celebrities, I thought I could do one on actors and musicians that actually care about America.
15 Q
Sep 07 03
543 plays
24 Canadian, Texan, Or Fictional
I'll give you a name, you guess if they were born in Canada, born in Texas, a fictional character, or if they are the "wildcard" choice. Have fun.
15 Q
Jun 29 03
621 plays
25 Celebrity Tattoos
Tattoos have been around since the beginning of time. Here is a quiz about some famous people and their tattoos.
10 Q
Feb 14 03
1071 plays
26 Lesser Known Facts About Well Known People
This quiz is just like it sounds. I may ask something about a specific person, or I may ask you to name the person. Good luck!
10 Q
Jul 20 03
672 plays
27 Cultural Icons of the 1960s
The 1960s will forever live on in our minds as an era of great innovations and quirkiness. I will describe some of the era's icons. Who are they?
10 Q
Jul 26 02
801 plays
28 Celebrity Phobias
1 out of every 20 Americans suffers from one or more phobias. This quiz is about the phobias of celebrities and other famous people. I hope you find this quiz unique and informative.
5 Q
Feb 08 03
1119 plays
29 Vanity Phone Numbers
Using the letters on the phone keypad (2=ABC, 3=DEF, etc.), figure who each celebrity is as represented by their vanity phone numbers. For example, Jon Stewart would have the number (566)783-9278. (THESE ARE NOT REAL!)
25 Q
Dec 16 03
387 plays
30 Celebrity Faces Take Two
This quiz is on the details of celebrity faces.
10 Q
Apr 16 01
1041 plays
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* Who wrote this 1997 book entitled 'In The Arena'? Think Ben-Hur.... Who is it?
* Who wrote the 1991 book based on her life that was made into a movie called 'Postcards From The Edge'?
* Who wrote the book entitled 'The Lonely Life'? Think about a song that mentions her 'Eyes'. Who wrote the book?
* Who wrote the 1999 book entitled 'A Positively Final Appearance', he was knighted and called Sir?
* Who wrote the 1990 book entitled 'Knock Wood'? Think, TV show newsperson. Who is this person?

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