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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Superhero Science
We all know that superheroes fight crime and defeat evil supervillains, but they can also help us learn about science!
10 Q
Jul 05 07
10521 plays
2 Understanding Particle Physics for Kids!
I hope you enjoy your journey through the atom and the amazing world of the very small. This is suitable for older children and there is nothing stopping the adults having a go of course! :)
10 Q
Aug 14 09
3354 plays
3 My Box of Rocks
When I was a kid, I loved collecting rocks, and I had an ENORMOUS rock collection! Want to peek inside my box of rocks?
10 Q
Oct 22 06
4821 plays
4 Fun Science for Kids
Science is all around you. This is a quiz about all sorts of science, most suitable for ages 8-12, but anyone can have a try!
Very Easy
10 Q
Aug 21 03
22464 plays
5 More Fun Science for Kids
Here are some more questions about science. Put your thinking-caps on and away we go!
Very Easy
10 Q
Nov 16 03
16251 plays
6 Glorious Chemistry for Kids!
Chemistry is a subject that you can always have a little bit of fun with, whether it be making little explosions or stinking the room out. Enjoy! [Suitable for slightly older children]
10 Q
Oct 29 07
6465 plays
7 Glorious Physics for Kids!
People know more physics than they think! This quiz will attempt to make a somewhat feared subject a little easier. Enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 28 07
5901 plays
8 Combustion for Kids!
Combustion is a big and scientific word for burning something. Do you know just how it works?
10 Q
Jul 06 12
918 plays
9 It IS a Bug's Life
Your life and livelihood depends on some bugs' lives. This quiz covers beneficial bugs for one and all.
10 Q
Jan 07 10
1074 plays
10 Science in the Stream
Let's go down to our local river or creek, get wet and have some fun looking at the science that's going on!
Very Easy
10 Q
Mar 06 15
525 plays
11 The wonderful world around us!
This quiz explores the science behind our everyday lives and the world around us!
10 Q
Jan 12 12
1425 plays
12 Here, There, Everywhere
Some things are all around us. Sometimes you can't see or touch them, but they are still there. Sometimes you just take them for granted. Can you identify these things from the clues given?
Very Easy
10 Q
Sep 09 11
1590 plays
13 Doctor for a Day
Do you like going to the doctor? Most people don't. But, how would you feel about being a doctor yourself for a day? This quiz will give you the chance! So, put on your scrubs and let's get started!
Very Easy
10 Q
Apr 05 07
12732 plays
14 What Type of Program Do I Use?
This quiz will explore your knowledge of the type of computer programs out there.
Very Easy
10 Q
Jul 23 09
1821 plays
15 Nuclear Fission For Kids!
Let's explore the basics of the important process of nuclear fission.
10 Q
Jul 04 12
540 plays
16 Psychology for Kids
This quiz introduces the mysterious realm of psychology. Psyche yourself up and come play: this quiz is perhaps more suitable for an older child, but anyone can try. :)
Very Easy
10 Q
Feb 28 12
1536 plays
17 Quantum Mechanics For Kids!
Quantum mechanics is all about little things called "particles". This quiz will introduce you to some of the most important ideas in quantum mechanics.
10 Q
Feb 16 14
555 plays
18 Measuring
Scientists have to measure lots of different things. All you have to do is decide which is the best unit of measurement to use when measuring these things.
Very Easy
10 Q
Mar 31 04
9798 plays
19 A Physical With a Nurse
This quiz will tell a story of a child going to the doctor's office for their yearly physical. It explains what a nurse does during a physical examination. This quiz is best suited for children aged up to 9 years.
Very Easy
10 Q
Jun 08 08
3297 plays
20 Electricity - A Quiz for Bright Sparks
You could be shocked by how much you know about the everyday miracle of electricity. You might even find it enlightening! The questions are more general than technical.
10 Q
Aug 30 04
4785 plays
21 Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice...
...That's what little girls are made of! Take this quiz, which is about boys and girls, and learn a bit more about your body.
10 Q
Jul 14 07
3246 plays
22 Computers, Computers, Computers
Test your knowledge of computers with these questions about software, programming languages, operating systems, and virus protection programs.
10 Q
Oct 27 09
1830 plays
23 Four, Forever
In this quiz, four is the magic number, as it appears numerous times within the expansive scientific world. I wish you good 'fortune' if you should play.
10 Q
Jun 30 12
645 plays
24 Dinosaurs in the Bathtub
You are playing with plastic dinosaurs in your bathtub and are wondering if dinosaurs liked going into the water. What dinosaurs, ancient reptiles and other very old creatures would have liked being in the water?
10 Q
Oct 23 13
348 plays
25 Something About GEOLOGY
Let's see if you know something about Geology. Have fun taking this quiz!
10 Q
Dec 20 06
2352 plays
26 For Young Scientists
I've done kids' quizzes on history and geography, so why not one about science? Get on your tinfoil toques and give this scientific game a go! Having fun is number one.
Very Easy
10 Q
Dec 19 11
1302 plays
27 Facts of Matter
Matter matters. It's what the whole universe is made of. Amazingly, that includes you. How much do you know about these "bricks and mortar" of reality? Let's find out.
10 Q
Dec 22 11
1200 plays
28 Rainbows
I'm sure every one of you have seen a beautiful rainbow way up in the sky. Do you know the order of the colors and a few other facts about rainbows?
10 Q
Jan 29 04
6024 plays
29 Elementary?
Whether matter is solid, liquid or gas, it is made up of simple building blocks called atoms. These simplest substances are called elements, and their names are shortened to symbols. Try to work out which symbol goes with which element in these questions
10 Q
Jan 31 11
1260 plays
30 Lab Safety Rules
This quiz is about lab safety rules. Make sure you know the rules. Hope you enjoy the quiz.
10 Q
Nov 28 07
3159 plays
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This is category 5000
Last Updated May 09 15 5:05 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* If you place a piece of pumice (a type of rock) on top of some water will it sink or float?
* Does vinegar run (pour) faster than maple syrup, or is it the same all the way around?
* What kind of insect has spots and can fly?
* If you put the North Pole to the South Pole of a magnet, what will happen?
* Which of the following items can conduct electricity?

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