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This is a general knowledge category where the answers begin with specific letters. For similar vocabulary quizzes, see the sub-category in the Humanities category.
Play Alphabetics Topic Mash!
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Chain Gang Shebang
This quiz is a general knowledge quiz with a question written by 25 different members of The Chain Gang. It covers 25 different letters of the alphabet (excluding Z).
25 Q
May 09 08
2880 plays
2 Love, Alphabetically
In celebration of Valentine's Day, here is an alphabetical quiz on famous couples, some real, some mythical and some fictional.
25 Q
Feb 04 10
8346 plays
3 By the Letter
A recurring letter appears throughout the questions AND the answers! Have fun!
10 Q
Oct 27 04
7083 plays
4 R U O K?
OMG! Is everything alright? Calm down- this quiz will have answers beginning with R, U, O, or K. I know what you're thinking: "Really?! Understandably Original, Kyle!" I know, right? 'U' haven't seen anything yet.
10 Q
Jun 06 11
2148 plays
5 Alpha, Beta...What's Next?
Use your knowledge of Greek letters and characters to answer the following questions. I will Eta my Nu Kappa if you miss them all.
10 Q
Oct 01 09
3456 plays
6 Just Fill in the Correct Letter!
This is an alphabetics quiz where you just have to fill in the correct letter. Have fun!
15 Q
Feb 19 00
29499 plays
7 J, Q, X or Z?
Not the commonest of letters, but each answer begins with one of them. All multiple choice, so why not take a guess.
15 Q
Nov 07 02
8421 plays
8 Artistic Alphabetics
Welcome to the world of art! This quiz will take an alphabetical journey from art to architecture, poetry to prose, and music to movies.
10 Q
Apr 13 13
1965 plays
9 Abbreviations and Initials
We see and use so many abbreviations and initials in our everyday lives. This is a quiz on some of them. Some are very simple and others make you think a little. Hurry and do it ASAP!
25 Q
Nov 23 01
19614 plays
10 Alphabetical Answers 2!
Welcome to my fourth quiz! The answers to the questions in this quiz will be from the letters 'K' to 'T'. Have fun and good luck!
Very Easy
10 Q
Jul 09 14
825 plays
11 Where the Questions Don't Matter
The questions may seem hard (to some) but there's an underlying pattern in this quiz. Figure it out and you will ace this one without knowing the answers to the questions.
25 Q
Apr 04 11
1740 plays
12 Alphabetical Answers!
Welcome to my second quiz! The answers to the questions in this quiz will be from the letters 'A' to 'J'. Have fun and good luck!
Very Easy
10 Q
Jan 16 13
2976 plays
13 Where Is U?
This quiz features vowels A, E, I, O and Y for the first five questions, and the last five are just for U, who really thought he was unique and should have his own quiz. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jan 02 13
1815 plays
14 The Wonderful Wizard of Zo
A general knowledge quiz with 'zo' being the common theme.
10 Q
Oct 12 12
1233 plays
15 Answers Will Always Be a Letter of the Alphabet
This quiz is a unique one. Every question's answer will be a single letter of the standard English alphabet. The questions cover a wide range of areas of knowledge. Good Luck...
10 Q
Feb 18 07
3864 plays
16 Random Abbreviations and Acronyms
Quiz yourself on random abbreviations and acronyms with this quiz. Enjoy!
10 Q
May 11 07
9384 plays
17 Trivia ABCs
The answers to these general trivia questions are in alphabetical order!
25 Q
Apr 28 03
5517 plays
18 Wildy's A to Z
This quiz runs from the letter A to Z almost. Question 24 is out of order, it is a Y question and question 25 is an X and Z question. Don't forget to use the word 'and' in your answer for question 25, hope you enjoy.
25 Q
Mar 17 00
6738 plays
19 K, V, W, or Y?
I wanted to write a quiz featuring the least-used letters of the alphabet, but someone beat me to it. So here's the next quartet from the bottom. Read the questions carefully, as some are tricky. Choose the BEST answer from the choices. Enjoy!
10 Q
Nov 06 12
1065 plays
20 Abbreviations of the World
People generally use abbreviations because they are in a hurry, but many people don't know what certain abbreviations mean. Find out if these shortcuts are really worth taking!
10 Q
Jun 25 11
1584 plays
21 Agent Alphabet 'letteral' Quest
To honor the poor, underappreciated ones, I made a quiz about the least frequently used letters in English vocabulary. Follow Agent Alphabet on his obscure adventure.
10 Q
Mar 24 13
1506 plays
22 It is either: A, B, C or D!
All the answers start with A, B, C or D. Which letter is the correct answer?
15 Q
Nov 25 03
4575 plays
23 B 2 M
Words from B to M are in here. N to Z want their own quiz. AEIOU and sometimes Y have started a 'vowel movement' and will be found in their own little quiz. Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 03 12
684 plays
24 X and Y
Just a fun, somewhat random, quiz dealing with the letters X and Y, in different ways.
10 Q
Jun 04 10
933 plays
25 X & Y
X and Y are involved in each of these questions that cover a variety of topics.
10 Q
May 26 10
1077 plays
26 The 'OK' Quiz
All of the following questions feature the letter 'O' or the letter 'K'. Ok? Hope you enjoy it and good luck.
10 Q
Feb 21 02
7275 plays
27 Who Doesn't Love Alphabet Soup?
In our hectic modern society, initials and acronyms are replacing words and phrases. Here's a quiz on your initials IQ.
10 Q
Jul 30 10
900 plays
28 N 2 Z
N to Z have broken with the first half of the alphabet to create their own quiz. M called N a 'nudnik!' and N retorted with "megalomaniac!' They are in therapy together. U just need to pick the best meaning for the word given. Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 05 12
648 plays
29 Initials and Acronyms
Mixed bag of abbreviations and initials...
10 Q
Jul 17 00
5262 plays
30 And Sometimes Y: The Vowels
Welcome! For this quiz, all of the answers will deal with vowels!
10 Q
Aug 16 02
2502 plays
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* What was the name of Bruce Wayne's dog who took the identity of bat hound?
* What was the name of Paul Bunyan's ox?
* What was the name of Jacques-Yves Cousteau's research ship?
* The name for the group of crime fighters which included the Human torch, Reed Richards, The Thing, and the invisible girl?
* What movie did Paul Newman receive a best actor nomination for in 1963?

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