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Quizzes on a mixture of colors can be found here.
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1 The Colorful World
Colors are applied to many things in more and deeper contexts than just colors of objects - which color name goes with the following items?
10 Q
Jul 24 12
2514 plays
2 Somewhere Under the Rainbow
All these questions are related to the colors of the rainbow. A rainbow really includes many more than the usual seven colors, but this quiz focuses on the more commonly named ones, plus a few more.
10 Q
Dec 23 14
456 plays
3 I See Your True Colors 2
Identify the color by the clues. Clues can be descriptive, from pop culture, etc., but they all relate to a common color in some way.
Very Easy
10 Q
Apr 24 13
2034 plays
4 Red, White and Blue
Let us take a look at the colours red, white and blue in this general knowledge quiz.
10 Q
Oct 26 09
2010 plays
5 Chasing Rainbows
Help me chase a plethora of rainbow colours by taking this general knowledge quiz.
10 Q
Nov 24 14
537 plays
6 A Broad Spectrum of Knowledge
How is your general knowledge? Take this quiz and see if you can get your pot of gold!
10 Q
Apr 25 09
2418 plays
7 An RGB Rainbow
Ever seen the acronym RGB on your computer? You may know it stands for Red, Green, and Blue, colors from which a variety of shades can be made. This quiz takes these three hues into various fields of interest: hopefully it'll serve to brighten your day!
10 Q
Mar 01 09
1194 plays
8 Color My World
Feeling in the pink? All of the answers to this quiz will have something to do with color.
10 Q
Aug 03 09
2169 plays
9 What Colour is an Orange?
An orange is orange, right? Not always. Let's see how many of these things you can guess that aren't always the colour you'd expect them to be. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 10 12
1395 plays
10 Black, White, Red
What is black, white and red all over? This is not a joke. This is my quiz on things that are black, white and red. OK. Maybe it is a joke.
10 Q
Nov 03 11
1275 plays
11 Somewhere On The Rainbow
Somewhere on the rainbow lies the answers to these questions and the questions to all these answers! One question per colour and a few rainbows to make it up to ten questions.
10 Q
Jul 06 13
354 plays
12 Color Your World
Hello You! It's me, WORLD! That's right, WORLD! Are you paying attention to the colors around you?
10 Q
Jun 27 10
2085 plays
13 Roy G. Biv
A random assortment of questions that can be answered using the colors of the rainbow.
10 Q
May 29 14
738 plays
14 Color Me Curious
Experiencing the richness and variety in the world's color palette never fails to bring me joy and create wonder. I hope you share my love of all things color. Here is a quiz that will add a little color to your day.
10 Q
Nov 23 14
381 plays
15 Color Challenge
Most of the answers in this quiz will include a color. The questions can be about almost anything, but they will all have something to do with colors. I hope you enjoy playing my quiz.
10 Q
Apr 11 09
5325 plays
16 I've Got the Red, White and Blues!
No, I'm not angry, ill or sad! This is a quiz about people, places or things that are red, white or blue in one way or another. Have fun!
10 Q
Mar 28 11
1359 plays
17 Pink Is for Girls
Pink is for girls, blue is for boys, but this quiz takes us away from those stereotypes and looks at colours in all their glory.
10 Q
Feb 07 10
630 plays
18 Colour My Words
We live in a world of colour, so it's not surprising that the names of colours have worked their way into our words. This quiz is all about words that are also colour names. Have fun!
10 Q
Apr 27 03
6621 plays
19 Myriad of Coloration
What a colorful world we live in. Can you identify the colors we are looking for from the written clues with a gentle nudge from the photos?
10 Q
Nov 19 14
342 plays
20 Name That Color! Movies and Music!
I will give you questions about movies and music, and you tell me the missing color.
10 Q
Jul 20 10
2916 plays
21 Colour Your World
In this quiz, all questions will lead to a "colourful" answer. Good luck!
10 Q
Dec 20 05
4263 plays
22 A Mix of Colors
Can you mix and match the colors correctly?
10 Q
Jan 02 13
750 plays
23 Unusual Colors
Colors are not just three or twelve. There are many colors in the world. I bet you don't know some of them! Take this quiz and discover new colors!
15 Q
Jul 31 12
993 plays
24 Colors Of My Life
I'm going on vacation, help me find my shades. No, not sunglasses. I'll give you a color and you tell me which of four choices is a city, not a shade of that color.
10 Q
Sep 30 09
1050 plays
25 Connected Colours
I give you a colour and you tell me which of the options does NOT match or have anything to do with that colour. Good Luck!
10 Q
Apr 29 07
3435 plays
26 Colours - the Alternative
Everyone knows the names of colours. Do you know the other meanings of these names? Some are easy, some are harder.
15 Q
Apr 30 03
6750 plays
27 In Living Colour
No, it's not about a rock band or a TV show! In this quiz we'll look at ten different and unusual colours with one thing in common: animals.
10 Q
Nov 29 12
654 plays
28 Famous Colors
This is a quiz on the colors you would find on TV, on commercials, atop your flagpoles, etc. I hope you have fun!
10 Q
Jul 22 04
6216 plays
29 Colors Of The Rainbow
I will use all the colors of the rainbow as well as ask questions about rainbows in this quiz. Have fun!
10 Q
Apr 27 04
8028 plays
30 Colours - From a Flag to a Post Box
Can you remember the colours of a flag, a door,a Teletubby, a mail box, a monopoly street and an emblem along with any other particular things that you may take for granted, or want to test yourself on?
10 Q
Jun 01 10
519 plays
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This is category 12766
Last Updated Jan 23 15 1:09 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* What color illustrated a turning point in the movie 'Sixth Sense'?
* Which is not one of the colors of the Ireland flag?
* In Coors Field, what color are the seats that mark the spot that is exactly a mile high?
* What color is the ox in the story of Paul Bunyan?
* What color is the table cloth in Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper'?

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