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These quizzes cover topics that you would encounter in your home. Love, marriage, customs, domestic problems... all these are fair game in this subcategory.
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1 Happily Ever After
I'm a licenced Marriage Commissioner for my home province and, as such, I'm interested in all the traditions that surround weddings. Here are some of the traditions I've learned about over the years. Have fun.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Mar 09 07
10083 plays
2 Lactation Frustrations
We've all heard it: "Breast is best!" But that doesn't mean it's easy. Here's a quiz about some of the challenges of breastfeeding -- and about how many nursing mothers persevere.
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
3 First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage
This is a quiz about marriage, and things related to marriage, mostly as it relates to the United States and the British Isles. Hope you find it fun!
10 Q
Jan 25 15
417 plays
4 So, Your Sister is Deaf
This quiz is about having a family member who is deaf in America. Ten funtrivia categories are represented.
10 Q
Jan 15 15
180 plays
5 School-Age Children
Children ages five to twelve years are an amazing group of people. They will drive you crazy one minute, and have you rolling with laughter the next. Come and take a closer look at "middle childhood".
10 Q
Sep 07 08
7500 plays
6 There's Many a Slip Betwixt Cup and Lip
Humanity has searched for centuries for a reliable form of contraception. Here is a brief history of some of their inventions. Have fun.
10 Q
Oct 30 09
1083 plays
7 Escaping The Abuse of DV
Escaping the horrors of abuse is NOT an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and precision to escape one's abuser. This quiz help you in planning an escape from abuse and where to go. Plse. note: many of the questions are for the U.S. only.
15 Q
Sep 18 02
7674 plays
8 For Better or Verse
This quiz will examine some superstitions surrounding wedding traditions, mostly in rhyme.
10 Q
Mar 24 11
1686 plays
9 Internet Safety 101: For Parents
Many children these days are using the Internet for a variety of reasons. However, it's not as safe a place as some people think it is. This quiz is for parents who have children that access the Internet.
10 Q
Jan 19 04
7530 plays
10 Your Kid Did What?
With four years working in a day-care centre, and two kids of my own, I've got a lot of experience with common situations. All answers are based on standard child-care practices.
10 Q
Apr 05 03
9531 plays
11 Breastfeeding Myths
Can you pick out the erroneous myths from true facts and accepted opinion? All questions are true/ false.
15 Q
Feb 06 05
4686 plays
12 How Can I Help A Friend Who Is Being Abused?
This is a continuation of my DV Quiz I. See how much you know about Domestic Violence. These questions are geared to the U.S. I acknowledge that males can be victims.
25 Q
Sep 24 02
7347 plays
13 Lies My Parents Told Me
Protecting children's feelings, deterring bad habits and encouraging good ones are only some of the reasons many parents lie to their offspring. Take this quiz to find out more about why and how they do so.
10 Q
Apr 19 13
1872 plays
14 Breastfeeding
What do you know about the human female's capacity to feed and nurture her infants?
15 Q
Feb 01 05
3381 plays
15 How Safe are You?
An all multiple choice quiz about safety in and around the house. I hope that you learn something. :-)
10 Q
May 14 05
11889 plays
16 Taking Care of Your Newborn
Here is some basic information every parent of a newborn baby should have.
10 Q
May 09 04
8061 plays
17 How Much Do You Know About Fire?
Hopefully you're never caught in a fire. Here is a quiz giving you some pointers and basic knowledge about fire.
Very Easy
10 Q
Nov 11 11
1926 plays
18 A Domestic Violence Quiz for Teens I
Domestic Violence occurs in the realm of adolescence. Many young ladies and gentlemen, are abused by their boyfriends/girlfriends are too young to know how to deal with it and are too embarrassed, afraid or ashamed to tell o
Very Easy
10 Q
Sep 19 02
8646 plays
19 Babies for Dummies
Any conscientious parent should know this as common sense, but just in case, take this quiz to find out the basics of baby care.
10 Q
Oct 23 03
9657 plays
20 Childhood Illnesses
These are questions about some common and not so common childhood diseases.
10 Q
Apr 07 02
5460 plays
21 Pre-Indicators of Domestic Violence
There are reliable pre-incident indicators associated with Domestic Violence (DV) and murder. They won't be present in every case, but if a situation has several of these signals, there is definite reason for concern. All are True or False questions.
Very Easy
25 Q
Sep 18 02
6900 plays
22 Bands of Gold
I'm not sure that mutchisman had a quiz about wedding rings in mind when he issued his challenge but here it is...the history and traditions of the wedding ring.
10 Q
Jul 28 09
885 plays
23 Am I A Battered Woman?
Many female victims do not realize that they are being abused. This quiz will help you to determine if you are (or have been in the past) a battered woman. Some answers are geared to the U.S. & its laws.
15 Q
Sep 15 02
6831 plays
24 So This is the Man You Want to Marry
Now that you've finally found a groom for yourself, let's take a look at the different rituals which are a part of the Big Fat Indian wedding.
10 Q
May 18 10
504 plays
25 Wedding Traditions From Around The World
Some interesting tidbits on wedding customs from different cultures. I hope you find this quiz fun and informative.
25 Q
Oct 24 02
2709 plays
26 Domestic Violence Quiz I
Domestic Violence is an epidemic the world over. Although this quiz is geared to the U.S., many of the questions apply to Domestic Violence as a whole. This quiz is intended for you to see how much you know about this topic.
15 Q
Sep 13 02
5418 plays
27 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
Divorce has become the civilized way of saying goodbye to someone with whom one has entered into matrimony. Let us look into some of the traditions of divorce in several different cultures.
10 Q
Mar 05 13
654 plays
28 Wedding Preparations
Getting married? Or know someone who is? This quiz will show you some of the things that - traditionally- you should consider as you make your plans.
10 Q
Dec 24 13
531 plays
29 My Father, My Hero
I got the idea for this quiz from ykroy's quiz "Life and Times of My Father". My father was both my hero and a real hero, having been a POW in WWII. Thanks also to my sister, tidepridega, for her help. This quiz is a tribute to an exceptional man.
10 Q
Apr 04 09
930 plays
30 No, A Thousand Times No!
Does anyone say "NO" more often than a toddler during the "terrible twos" stage? Fair warning: In keeping with the topic, all questions will use the "NOT" phrase.
10 Q
Jul 17 13
1239 plays
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* What gift should you give your spouse on your twentieth anniversary?

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