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1 The Doomsday Clock is Ticking
The Doomsday Clock was created more than 60 years ago to represent how close we are to destroying our civilization. This quiz will cover some of the history behind the clock as well as some events that have led to the clock's hands being moved.
10 Q
Nov 17 09
9936 plays
2 A History Lesson from Billy Joel
'We Didn't Start the Fire' is a history lesson in song, listing events from the years 1948-1986. Unfortunately, he only gives a list, without any explanation as to what the events ARE! Here are some questions on the historical events mentioned there.
15 Q
Aug 23 02
22977 plays
3 Revolution! 20th Century Revolts and Uprisings
You say you want a revolution? Here's a mixed bag of questions about revolts and other conflicts that occurred during the 20th century, some which changed the world more than others.
10 Q
Oct 31 10
3849 plays
4 Operatic History in the Twentieth Century
Here's my final instalment on classical music named after historical events or people. The operatic background was provided by Phaėton's Great Opera Book and by
15 Q
Oct 21 07
1902 plays
5 Our Dumb Century
Can you guess the year and the events described by these spoof headlines from 'The Onion'?
10 Q
Oct 30 07
7125 plays
6 Alive in the 20th Century!
This may be a shock to some of our younger players, but there are some of us here who were (gasp!) alive in years beginning with '19'! See if you know what happened when history was recorded in ink instead of Wikipedia pages. Good luck!
10 Q
Jul 26 13
2637 plays
7 I Can't Spare a Square
I can't spare a square. Fortunately our roving reporter Getha Scoop can. She even has ten on offer. All these squares were the scene of historical events. See how much you remember about those events.
10 Q
Feb 25 11
1524 plays
8 Ten Different Minutes in History
I will give you the specific minute and date of a major world event - and you tell me the event. *Note all times appear in the the time zone in which they occurred.
10 Q
Oct 15 09
5733 plays
9 The Year of the Cat
The Vietnamese zodiac has replaced one animal out of the Chinese zodiac with a cat. The twentieth century included nine "Years of the Cat". I'll ask something about every of these years. Have fun.
10 Q
Jul 24 10
1275 plays
10 Ethnic and Religious Conflicts
This and the past century have seen their fair share of ethic and religious conflicts. Some are better known than others.
10 Q
May 07 09
2919 plays
11 20th Century - Which Year? 1
I'll tell you things that all happened in the same year, and all you have to do is select the correct year from a choice of four...
10 Q
Sep 14 08
4191 plays
12 20th Century Analogies
A collection of analogies about the 20th century. Confused? It works like this: Fidel Castro is to Cuba as Mao Zedong is to where? China. Easy!
15 Q
Jan 24 05
5382 plays
13 We Didn't Start the Fire
Using the lyrics to Billy Joel's song "We Didn't Start the Fire," this quiz tests your knowledge of the historical references in the song. You needn't have heard the song before- but do you know the events he mentions?
10 Q
Feb 25 14
807 plays
14 Things That Changed the World
All multiple choice on some things that had a major impact in the world. It should be easy. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)
10 Q
Nov 28 03
12162 plays
15 Goals of the Century
Throughout the 20th century, world leaders had quite some lofty goals, either for themselves, for their country or for humanity as a whole. Not all of them became reality, however.
10 Q
Jan 17 12
939 plays
16 When I Was a Lad ...
I am fairly young so all these questions should be pretty easy for people to remember. Everything on this list has happened since my birth in 1975.
10 Q
Sep 19 09
4935 plays
17 Friday the Thirteenth
Al these events took place on a Friday the thirteenth. Take care: this is NOT an easy quiz. If you are superstitious, I advise you not to play on a Friday the thirteenth :-)
10 Q
May 05 04
1740 plays
18 20th Century - The First 50 Years
Ten questions covering the period up to 1950.
10 Q
Apr 28 09
2676 plays
19 Shake Your Booty
This quiz is not about wriggling your tush or callypigian* delights. It's about robbers and the loot with which they got away. Test your knowledge of major heists of the 20th and early 21st century. (*Look that one up in your Funk and Wagnall).
Very Difficult
10 Q
Sep 17 10
684 plays
20 A Cult Gone Wrong
The People's Temple seemed an ordinary cult. But in November of 1978, the name People's Temple became associated with death. Learn about one of the worst mass murder/suicides in history and their leader in this quiz.
10 Q
Sep 03 07
2343 plays
21 Burn After Reading
This terminology is applicable to covert operations, spies, espionage, and sabotage. Test your knowledge on all kinds of devious programs, people, and methodologies employed in the 20th century's history of secrets.
10 Q
Mar 17 11
753 plays
22 Whistleblowers and Leaks
Speaking up to tell secrets -- in some cases treason and in other cases, the highest duty to a nation. What do you know about these whistle blowers and leaks?
10 Q
Jul 23 11
438 plays
23 20th Century History in General
A very simple quiz from WWI until the Cold War. I want to do this for those who aren't really into history and still HAVE to learn it at school somehow.
20 Q
Jun 03 13
1827 plays
24 Nonviolent Revolutions
The last half of the 20th century saw changes in the governments in many countries of the world, achieved through mass demonstrations of the people as opposed to using military force. Here are questions about ten such nonviolent revolutions.
10 Q
Nov 18 06
1206 plays
25 From the 20th Century
This quiz is based in the Modern World History that I've studied at school which focused on four topics - 'Rise and Fall of The Communist State'(1924-1991),'A Divided Nation' (U.S Politics post-war),'Vietnam' and 'Nazi Germany'.
10 Q
Sep 05 05
3549 plays
26 Time Machine Trip to 1900-1919
How well do you know your dates in history? Take a trip on the time machine back in history to 1900 and travel through each year until 1919 to see what happened back then!
20 Q
Jan 18 05
3492 plays
27 The Taliban
The Taliban ruled most of Afghanistan after the Soviet Union withdrew its forces. Their rule was something to be forgotten.
10 Q
Nov 22 12
297 plays
28 The Year of the Horse
This quiz looks at historical episodes that took place during Chinese "Years of the Horse" in the 20th Century. The Chinese year does not exactly equate to the Western January to December year.
10 Q
Aug 23 10
612 plays
29 Doomsday: Would You Want to Survive?
The U.S. ushered in the Atomic Age in 1945. Within five years the Soviets responded, commencing an arms race in which mankind amassed the power to destroy itself. This quiz explores that race and how it has changed the world.
10 Q
Aug 04 07
1899 plays
30 Famous Photos
Some of the most famous photos (and moving pictures) capture key moments in history.
10 Q
Sep 17 02
5697 plays
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