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All about Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Sumer ..
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1 The "Write" Stuff
Writing emerged-- for the first time ever-- in fourth millennium BCE in Southern Babylonia. What forces catalyzed the invention of writing? How was this first writing system invented and used? Take this quiz to find out!
10 Q
Jun 27 08
1917 plays
2 The Assyrian Empire
Arguably the greatest period of ancient Assyria lasted from 745 until 612 B.C., during which it attained the level of empire. Here's a brief sketch of that period of time, with the most important rulers and events highlighted ... Good luck
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jul 16 02
2991 plays
3 You've Gotta Love Those Sumerians!
Come with me to the very Cradle of Civilization in the ancient land of Sumer.
10 Q
Oct 03 13
537 plays
4 The History of Sumer
Covering one of the earliest civilizations in human history, this quiz covers the history of Sumeria in a nutshell. Have fun!
10 Q
Aug 25 01
3441 plays
5 You've Gotta Love Those Chaldeans!
Come with me again to the land of ancient Mesopotamia, the very Cradle of Civilization.
10 Q
Feb 24 15
171 plays
6 Mesopotamian Kings
Some of these you may even remember from Sunday school or Bible study.
10 Q
Mar 07 08
1398 plays
7 Ur
Greetings! My name is Enheduanna, and my home is in Ur, around 2285-2250 BC, by your reckoning. Here is Lady Pu-abi from ca. 2600-2500 B.C. Let us transport you far away and long ago to Ur of Mesopotamia.
10 Q
May 23 13
255 plays
8 You've Gotta Love Those Assyrians!
Were they the most cruel warriors in history? Or great contributors to civilization? You decide!
10 Q
Oct 17 13
294 plays
9 General Mesopotamian History
Brought to you from the Cradle of Civilization.
10 Q
Feb 20 08
2952 plays
10 Hammurabi and His Code
Most school children at one time or another hear about the Hammurabi Code of Laws. However, the phrase they learn, "eye for an eye", really oversimplifies this historic document. What do you know about Hammurabi and his Code?
10 Q
May 13 13
516 plays
11 Mesopotamia
This is my first quiz on ancient history. I got most of the information from a text book called "Ancient World".
10 Q
Feb 28 08
1704 plays
12 Mesopotamian Bronze Age Civilizations
This quiz covers the first civilizations founded in the Ancient Near East during the Bronze Age.
10 Q
Jul 21 08
1416 plays
13 Mesopotamia: From City-States to Kingdoms
The chronological evolution of Ancient Mesopotamia.
15 Q
Oct 15 12
288 plays
14 Life in Ancient Sumer
Sumeria is one of the earliest known civilizations. It was a culture of many historical firsts and existed as a separate entity for well over 1,000 years. How well do you know your ancient history?
10 Q
Mar 03 12
411 plays
15 Sumer or Later
The Bible refers to it as "Shinar", Egyptians called it "Sngr", but by whatever name Sumer holds a unique place in history. Step back in time and see if Sumer gets the credit for things we still have today, or if others deserve the fame.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jul 18 10
384 plays
16 Mesopotamian Civilization - An Introduction
For those just starting to learn about the Mesopotamian civilization. Not too detailed, this quiz focuses on the information presented in most college general history courses.
10 Q
Nov 17 04
1848 plays
17 Mesopotamia Obscura
From before Akkad to after Zorastherism, let's take a trip to the land netween the rivers and their neighbors. All dates are BCE by the way.
15 Q
Nov 09 01
2130 plays
18 The Wonderful Gutians
What do you know about the Gutians? I'm sure many of you haven't heard about them, so please play this obscure quiz on them. All the best! :)
5 Q
Sep 15 03
654 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* The Sumerians were the inventors of the world's first writing system, a series of wedge-shaped markings called what?
* The great Sumerian 'Epic of Gilgamesh' introduces us to King Gilgamesh. He was the 4th king of what ancient Sumerian city?
* Which title was given to a king who ruled a city and additional territory within its vicinity?
* What title was given to a city governor of ancient Sumeria?
* Food staples of the Sumerians included barley, onions, various legumes, the occasional fish and what other grain?

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