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31 Commonly Misused Everyday Words
As a teacher I have noticed students making the same vocabulary errors again and again. In this quiz, I have focused on common errors in the strict grammatical sense rather than what may be heard colloquially. (British English)
10 Q
miss g
Nov 28 03
5097 plays
32 Double sound words are fun. Come "can-can" with me
We love to shorten words but English also has a nice reservoir of words where we have doubled the sound to make an attractive new word. Can you guess the meaning of these double-sound words ?
10 Q
May 12 03
4413 plays
33 Where Did You Get that Hat?
Heads up! This is a quiz about hats from around the world. Your task is to match the headgear with its country of origin, its history or its wearer.
10 Q
Aug 04 09
1497 plays
34 Quantity Words In English
Language being what it is, often offers very precise vocabulary even when in practice many of us would just say: SOME or A LITTLE OF.See how precise your choice of vocabulary would be.
15 Q
Jan 31 02
4803 plays
35 I Don't Like Four Letter Words
Here's some four letter words that I just don't like using. They are words that we do not use around our house. They are just not nice, or decent and downright wrong. Can you guess what these words are that I describe?
Very Easy
10 Q
Feb 20 04
19560 plays
36 English is a Quirky Language
For those of us who learned English as our primary language, we take a lot of its quirks for granted. Here are some examples of parts of the English language that are in categories of their own.
10 Q
Apr 26 03
7995 plays
37 Maybe You Should Think About That
So, you think you know your vocabulary? Try these and we'll see!
10 Q
Apr 06 10
1839 plays
38 More Bottle for your Wine
You don't have to know the name of the bottle to enjoy the wine, but hey, why not?
10 Q
Dec 22 08
933 plays
39 Group Collective Names
How many of these collective terms for groups of people do you know? Have fun! (Note: As per Wikepedia Collective Nouns page)
10 Q
Apr 30 11
678 plays
40 What ends in -ine??
I've always enjoyed words, and -ine ending words are some of my favourites. Have fun joining me in identifying a few!
10 Q
Feb 01 09
3303 plays
41 Stretch Your Vocabulary
It would be a futile effort to try to 'know' all the words in the English language. Yet a regular bit of stretching our competence won't do us any harm. Have a try.
10 Q
Jul 13 02
4725 plays
42 What in the World?
Following are 20 questions about unusual items found all over the world. Your job is to figure out the correct term to answer each question.
20 Q
Dec 22 00
2163 plays
43 CDO
Can you find ten words that contain "C," "D," and "O" in that order? Lots of clues to help you.
10 Q
May 16 12
369 plays
44 Forms of Rulership
There are many words that deal with forms of rulership and government. Try this quiz and see how many you know of. Enjoy!
10 Q
Apr 12 01
1698 plays
45 S - T- R - E - T - C - H Your Vocab
Make new words by adding a single letter to the clue. Remember each letter you added; they give the answer to Q.10. Good Luck and as ever have fun with a simple word quiz.
10 Q
Aug 16 03
6369 plays
46 Words For Containers
Check how well you know the exact terminology for certain types of "containers". Quiz is written from B.E. point of view, but occasional A.E. divergences have been marked where they might matter.
10 Q
Sep 29 02
4752 plays
47 Oooooops!
This is a quiz dedicated to those of us, moi included, who type too quickly, usually at the expense of accuracy. The results can be funny, misleading or just mind-boggling. Enjoy.
10 Q
Jun 28 03
10392 plays
48 "I Spy Jargon"
As a reader of spy novels I am intrigued by their jargon or slang in describing their activities. The words in this quiz will all deal with spycraft words.
10 Q
Jan 20 14
378 plays
49 Mind-addling Animal Adjectives
This quiz is about adjectives used to describe animal characteristics, e.g. 'elephantine' means 'pertaining to elephants'. I give you the adjective, you tell me what animal it relates to.
10 Q
May 20 11
450 plays
50 Fortune Telling Words
This quiz deals with words that have to do with methods of fortune telling. Some are familiar methods, but there are also some obscure ones. All these words end with 'mancy'.
10 Q
Apr 12 01
1149 plays
51 Language Tricks And Parlour Games
This quiz deals with terminology in the field of what could be called word games, but is also partially in the periphery of literary techniques and linguistic effects. Come in and see for yourself.
10 Q
Jan 31 02
1689 plays
52 Portmanteaux I Have Known
A 'portmanteau' is a new word formed by combining two words - a very well known portmanteau is 'smog', a blend of 'smoke' and 'fog'. I hope you have fun finding out the origins of these ones.
10 Q
Oct 31 11
729 plays
53 Ease In, Ease Out
This patterned quiz will simply test your knowledge of words that begin and end with the letter "E". Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 01 12
573 plays
54 Measure For Measure
What are the devices used for measuring things? See if you can figure out what measures to take. Have fun!
10 Q
Jan 04 13
522 plays
55 Words I like
It's time to share some of my favorite words with the world. Included are some of my "Pet Peeves" for their universal mis-use in modern writing. Definitions are from "Webster's New International Dictionary", unless another source is cited.
10 Q
Dec 03 07
1386 plays
56 Crossword Puzzle Words
Crossword puzzle clues have their own unique language. If you are a daily puzzle geek like me, this quiz should be a snap. Have fun.
10 Q
Feb 25 04
1731 plays
57 This is to That...
There is a different linked theme evident in each question. I will give you a statement, and you tell me which answer makes the following statement similar. Warning: They get harder as you go along. Think laterally!
10 Q
Mar 01 05
1293 plays
58 Beginnings--Greek Prefixes: Part I
Ready for some elementary sleuthing into the English language? Then you will need to know your Greek first. Take this quick quiz to see how Greek prefixes change, create, and determine the meanings of many English words we use today.
10 Q
Jul 08 05
795 plays
59 Love a Good Ending?-- Greek Suffixes
We have looked at Greek roots and prefixes, so now it is on to suffixes.
10 Q
Aug 01 05
753 plays
60 Cool Words
5 fascinating words to exercise your logo-iq!
5 Q
Oct 25 00
1632 plays
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* What is Keraunothnetophobia a fear of?
* Which word in English -the only one- has two meanings both exactly the opposite of each other?
* Sheridan's play 'The Rivals' introduced a word into English. One of the characters was always confusing between similar sounding words. What word?
* What distinction does the animal aardvark hold in English?
* Which of the following words is an example of Onomatopoeia (a type of word)?

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