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1 A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away
Throughout history, people on trial have come up with a number of ingenious defences and escapes from justice. This quiz looks at some of them. Enjoy!
10 Q
Sep 13 09
1506 plays
2 As Crooked as a Dog's Hind Leg
Here is a collection of alleged criminals and their particular, and sometimes wacky, claim to criminal fame.
10 Q
May 28 13
714 plays
3 Cyber Criminals
Here are some questions regarding a few of the more prominent people in the annals of computer crime.
10 Q
Jan 03 09
426 plays
4 Filicide: The Ultimate Crime
The crime of filicide refers to killing one's children. By not forgetting these horrible events, perhaps as a society we can come to a mass concensus on a way to prevent them. I hope this can be considered my contribution.
10 Q
Aug 09 07
1155 plays
5 Your Hands Are Tied
"Your hands are tied and you're in custody." Here's a look at some criminals who were finally captured after wreaking havoc.
10 Q
May 07 13
831 plays
6 The Colour of Murder
I love to read true crime stories and have found them to be colourful in more ways than one, as you will see in my quiz.
10 Q
Jun 07 10
939 plays
7 Killers
These questions are real killers. See if you can name the infamous killers below.
10 Q
Mar 03 00
14421 plays
8 Outlaws, Criminals, Murderers And Other Baddies
Crime is an eternal source of sensation whether via broadsheet-ballads, the papers or television - broadcasts. How well acquainted are you with the great names in the history of evil-doing?
10 Q
Oct 11 02
6882 plays
9 Crimes of the Century
Many different crimes have held the title of "Crime of the Century". See how many of them you know.
10 Q
Jun 17 03
9108 plays
10 I've Got a Crush on You
Stalking and it's aftermath have made the news numerous times in the past few decades. Here are a few examples of why new stalking laws have been written worldwide.
10 Q
Apr 08 10
702 plays
11 Bats in the Belfry
Some of the most notorious criminals in history have claimed insanity as a defense, or otherwise been thought of as disturbed by the general public. But whether they were actually crazy has been debated for years.
10 Q
Aug 16 09
663 plays
12 Deadly Doctors
Sometimes our experts in the healing arts become famous for things that are not so "healing".
10 Q
Aug 31 09
1077 plays
13 Kevin Mitnick, "The Hacker"
Before there were computer hackers, there were phone phreaks. Kevin Mitnick was one of these. Lots of his fellow "phone hackers" went on to great lives in the computer industry today, and barely remember their humble beginnings.
10 Q
Nov 30 06
390 plays
14 Do You Know Your Cannibals?
This quiz tests your knowledge of famous cannibals and cannibalism throughout history. Bon appetit!
10 Q
Apr 05 07
1812 plays
15 Crimes of the 20th Century
Decade by decade of the 20th century there has been one criminal or crime that became a media frenzy. Let's see if you can figure out what they are.
10 Q
Jun 10 08
2916 plays
16 The Victims
We always remember the names of the killers-Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, OJ Simpson, (Oh yeah, he was "innocent"), but we rarely remember the names of their victims. This quiz is about the forgotten names we all need to know.
10 Q
Sep 15 02
2970 plays
17 Hanging with Highwaymen
In the 17th and 18th centuries in Britain, criminals known as highwaymen roamed the roads between and around major cities, looking for travellers to rob. This quiz features ten of Britain's most famous highwaymen.
10 Q
Aug 02 14
192 plays
18 Nicknames of the Infamous
We all know the infamous by their nickname, but can we identify their real name? That is what this quiz is all about. Have fun.
15 Q
Aug 21 01
4038 plays
19 Ordinary Lives of Killers
Some random facts about some truly bizarre people who have committed murder.
10 Q
Feb 27 07
1329 plays
20 The Fate of the Infamous
There are many quizzes about serial and mass killers, and the crimes committed by them. This quiz focuses on what fate awaited these monsters. The information came from True Crime, Wikipedia, and related websites.
10 Q
Jan 19 09
1461 plays
21 Match the Crime to the Criminal!
This quiz is about criminals and their crimes. Match the criminal (or suspected criminal) to the crime listed.
10 Q
Aug 21 00
10317 plays
22 Taken In By The Scam Artist
Do you think you're too smart to be scammed? Some people made a living by fooling even the most educated.
10 Q
Mar 01 07
840 plays
23 People You'd Rather Not Meet
The world is full of beauty but these people have filled their own world with horror, pain and savagery. When these two worlds meet, there is indescribable tragedy.
Very Difficult
25 Q
Nov 21 00
5817 plays
24 Now Here's A Theory For Ya!
So many murders, so few answers (beyond a reasonable doubt, anyway). This quiz addresses some famous stabbings and shootings and such beastliness and some real theories about them. Facts are facts, but guesswork/speculation often get in the way.
10 Q
Nov 10 05
1065 plays
25 Crime and Criminals
Criminals are usually the most intriguing people in our society, but thankfully make up a small percentage of it. This quiz consists of some easy questions, and some hard ones.
20 Q
Jul 09 00
6906 plays
26 For He's a Jolly Good Felon...
People can be labelled felons for a variety of crimes. Some men who landed in the hoosegow weren't all bad. In fact they were thought to be jolly old boys by many at one time. Here are ten such folks. Enjoy the quiz but no cheating!
10 Q
Apr 16 13
483 plays
27 True Crime Stew
It's a stew because it's a big pot of miscellaneous crimes. How well do you know your true crime?
15 Q
Jun 07 05
1779 plays
28 Beyond the Law
This quiz is about some people who have lived beyond the law and are considered outlaws or vigilantes.
10 Q
May 06 12
573 plays
29 Colorful Depression Era Bandits
Check your knowledge of these colorful vintage criminals.
10 Q
Apr 12 05
657 plays
30 Last Words
Many crimanals have made interesting last words. See if you can guess which of the criminals said them.
10 Q
Feb 12 07
1089 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* On August 1, 1966 a massacre took place from the top of a tower at the University of Texas.After the rampage killing, 48 people had been hit, 12 dying instantly and another later in the hospital. Name this crazed killer.
* Although she was not convicted, most people believed this axe swinging woman from Fall River, Massachusettes chopped away at her father and stepmother. Name the suspected killer.
* This killer was born in Virginia in 1932, where he eventually teamed up with fellow killer Ottis Toole. The pair claimed to have killed hundreds of people. Name the killer.
* This upstanding member of the community entertained hospitalized children as Pogo the clown. He was elected 'Man of the Year' by the Junior Jaycees. Twenty eight bodies were found buried in the crawlspace under his house. Name the killer.
* This fired shipyard worker killed eight student nurses in 1966. Name him.

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