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Take Occupational Trivia - The Mixed Quiz ( Scores )
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
folder Dentists (3) folder Embalmers (4)
folder Firefighting (3) folder Hospitality (7)
folder Lumberjacks (2) folder Medical (12)
folder Teachers (3)
So You Want to be a Sheepherder

Are you unafraid of wolves? Does the smell of wet wool seem pleasant? Is standing alone on a hill in the dark of night surrounded by animals your idea of a fun time? Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes to herd sheep.
Average (10 qns)
Jun 27 07
3009 plays
The Ash-Covered Profession of the Blacksmith

The blacksmith, for many centuries, was one of the most important craftsman to be found in cities and towns of all sizes. What do you know about this time honored profession?
Average (10 qns)
Mar 20 14
639 plays
History's Horrid Jobs

Many of the less pleasant trades and occupations of our ancestors were described by actor Tony Robinson in the Television series 'The Worst jobs in History'. Some of the questions in this quiz are based on this fascinating series.
Difficult (15 qns)
Aug 16 05
4581 plays
The Ghastly Profession of the Executioner

Most countries have had someone who practises the occupation of executioner. He is the one who carries out the legal death sentence that is/was handed down by the king, government or other legal body. What do you know about this long-standing profession?
Average (10 qns)
Jul 09 10
1365 plays
The Deadly Profession of the Coal Miner

Coal mining has always been a dangerous profession that was not regulated for many years. This is a look at the reality of the coal mining profession for many years.
Average (10 qns)
Jun 21 11
1011 plays
Archaic Occupations

While reading the Cadfael series by Ellis Peters, I came across medieval occupations. Some I knew, some I did not. So I wondered if my fellow trivialists would enjoy a look back at archaic occupations. I hope you have fun.
Average (10 qns)
Jan 07 10
1593 plays
The Filthy Profession of the Chimney Sweep

There have been many dirty, dangerous jobs, throughout history. Being a chimney sweep is near the top. Let's take a look at this perilous occupation.
Average (10 qns)
Feb 10 11
885 plays
So You Want to be a Bomb Disposal Technician

Do you thrive in pressure-packed, life-or-death situations? Are you not bothered by loud noises? Can you tell the difference between a red wire and a blue wire? If so, you may have what it takes to be a bomb disposal technician.
Average (10 qns)
Jul 22 07
2514 plays
A Pub With No Beer

Theft is rampant in the normally idyllic town of Casualville. Deputygary and Lieutenant Leelee are on the case. What could be worse than a pub with no beer? Choose the best answer for the blank.
Easy (10 qns)
Nov 22 10
4248 plays
Where There's a Wheel, There's Whey

I want to start a dairy and make cheese and butter, but I have no idea how. I live in the mid-nineteenth century US. Can you help me figure out what I'm doing right and wrong, so I can become a good dairy person?
Average (10 qns)
Nov 14 14
396 plays
So You Want to be a Desperado

Do people cower in fear when you walk down the street? Would you like them to? If so, you may have what it takes to be a real Old West desperado. Take this quiz to find out.
Average (10 qns)
Dec 05 07
2619 plays
A Farmer's Life

Farming is the occupation which keeps us all fed; without which we'd all starve. But how aware are you of what goes on behind the scenes? Step into a farmer's shoes and see how much you know.
Average (10 qns)
Oct 07 03
6990 plays
So You Want to be a Volcanologist

Are you one of those people who, when told "get away from that," walk up to whatever that is and say "Let me see it?" Do you like things that are really hot? If so you may have what it takes to be a volcanologist. Take this quiz to find out.
Average (10 qns)
Oct 03 07
1326 plays
The Trivial Profession of Court Jester

Okay, I admit it, the title is a pun. Just look at the Fun Trivia avatar at the top of the page! This will be the second in a series of unusual professions that are not seen today. Have fun with the quiz and let me entertain you!
Average (10 qns)
Apr 25 10
915 plays
The Interview

You have seen an advert for your dream job. Now let's see if we can give you a bit of an edge over the competition.
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 04 09
4554 plays
Obscure Branches of the Tree of Science

Science includes the study of almost everything on the planet. This is just a short quiz on some of the lesser known branches on this amazing tree of knowledge.
Easy (10 qns)
Nov 02 09
2991 plays
Obsolete Occupations

Thinking of changing careers? The development of newer technology constantly reshapes the tasks and skills that are required in the workforce. Let's take a quiz and revisit some once popular jobs that are the today's obsolete occupations.
Easy (10 qns)
Mar 07 15
1188 plays
Working Class Hero

Here at the Working Class Hero Employment Agency we find jobs for people who want to be heroes-- while making a living--but don't want to be bitten by radioactive spiders and stuff like that. Come meet ten of our clients.
Average (10 qns)
Dec 25 09
975 plays
Perks and Recognition

Match up the occupational field with a prize awarded for excellence in that field.
Average (10 qns)
May 11 16
345 plays
So You Want to Be a Deep Sea Diver

Can you hold your breath a long time? Does being 500 feet under the sea in a metal covered suit weighing hundreds of pounds and attached to a rubber line seem like a pleasant work environment? If so, you may have what it takes to be a deep sea diver.
Average (10 qns)
Sep 08 07
1218 plays
What's My Line? - A Guide to CM/M Occupations
Team quiz by classicalmusic/mensan

In the CM/M team there are people from many different walks of life. Can you work out what career path these members followed?
Average (10 qns)
Nov 14 10
1023 plays
Henry Meets The Minstrel

Henry here! My lord, the Earl of Warwick, is hosting a special guest named Blondel the Minstrel. Because learning to sing and dance is part of my duty as a page, I hope to soak up as much information as I can from him!
Average (10 qns)
Feb 19 15
294 plays
Obsolete Occupations

The scientific-technical revolution has destroyed a lot of occupations (while creating new ones). See how many you can recognize.
Difficult (10 qns)
Nov 09 04
3675 plays
Grime and Reason

The next time you want to complain about your job you might want to think about getting up daily to go to these occupations. Here are ten questions about a variety of unpleasant occupations, some more commonplace than others.
Average (10 qns)
Feb 05 15
519 plays
So You Want to be a Steeplejack

Are you someone who might enjoy dangling from a tall building attached to a flimsy rope, nothing below you but air, while you try to use big, heavy tools? Really? Then you might have what it takes to be a steeplejack. Take this quiz and find out.
Average (10 qns)
Oct 07 07
816 plays
Your Ancestors Did What?

The aftermath of the Industrial Revolution meant that many of the old occupations could be carried out by machines, whilst others just faded into history. Did your ancestors do any of these jobs?
Difficult (10 qns)
Dec 21 09
831 plays
So You Want to Be a Snowplow Driver

Was your favorite character in "Airport" Joe Petroni? Does driving over the same stretch of concrete over and over in a bouncing truck sound like a good time? If so, you may have what it takes to be an airport snowplow driver.
Tough (10 qns)
May 10 08
903 plays
Workplace Safety

I'll bet you probably know someone who works in a factory. If so, I'll also bet they are required to wear some protective items to prevent them from getting injured. See if you can pick out the correct gear to use.
Very Easy (10 qns)
May 01 13
2385 plays
What Do You Think You're Doing with That?

As Mayor of Funville I decided to stop by and visit some local businesses. I learned about all these wonderful tools, but I am somewhat scatter-brained. Now I can't remember who did what. Can you help me?
Easy (10 qns)
Jan 29 13
1941 plays
The Role of the A.I. Technician

Let's have a look at this area of specialist work and some of what's behind being an artificial insemination (AI) technician, also known as an artificial breeding technician. The focus of this quiz is on the AI of livestock rather than people.
Tough (10 qns)
Apr 21 15
105 plays
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