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1 George Washington Carver, Man of Science
In February, which is Black History Month, it seems appropriate to look at the life and achievements of this outstanding African American.
10 Q
Feb 24 13
207 plays
2 The Lobotomist
What do you know about Dr. Walter Freeman, "The Henry Ford of Lobotomy?" The information is taken from the PBS program "The Lobotomist."
10 Q
Mar 25 09
357 plays
3 Cecilia Helena Payne-Gaposchkin
Cecilia Helena Payne-Gaposchkin is another female astronomer that is relatively unknown. Take this quiz to learn about her contributions.
10 Q
Mar 02 07
180 plays
4 I Don't Mean to Bragg ...
William Henry and William Lawrence Bragg were two pioneering scientists who jointly won the Nobel Prize. Take this quiz to learn more about their lives and work.
10 Q
Jan 10 09
216 plays
5 The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives
A quiz on Norman Borlaug: scientist, agronomist, and humanitarian.
10 Q
Sep 21 09
300 plays
6 Sir Joseph Banks - The Unknown Celebrity
Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820) was a giant in the world of science and a celebrity in his time, but his fame has not persisted like that of many of his contemporaries. This quiz looks at some of the major events in his life.
10 Q
Jun 10 13
210 plays
7 Astronomer Annie Jump Cannon
Annie Jump Cannon was born on December 11, 1863 and died on April 13, 1941. She was a very famous astronomer who is unfortunately, not well known. Hopefully, this quiz will help to change that.
10 Q
Feb 02 07
213 plays
8 Edwin Powell Hubble
Edwin Powell Hubble was born on November 29, 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. Most people have heard of the Hubble Space Telescope. What do you know about the man it is named after?
10 Q
Feb 19 07
255 plays
9 Telescope Builders, Alvan Clark & Sons
Alvan Clark and his two sons, Alvan Graham and George Bassett, were responsible for building quality telescopes during the last half of the 19th century and into the 20th century. What do you know about them?
10 Q
Feb 06 07
213 plays
10 Paleontology's Public Intellectual
On May 20, 2002, Stephen Jay Gould passed away. Called 'paleontology's public intellectual' by Andrew Knoll of Harvard University, Gould was a prominent evolutionist, a prolific author, and a champion of science and reason.
15 Q
May 27 02
525 plays
11 Now Why Didn't I Think of That?
I must admit, I have no idea who the genius was who invented the wheel. Many inventions can be attributed to one specific person, but some are pretty arcane. Let's see what you know about these ten innovative ideas.
10 Q
Feb 26 14
408 plays
12 Gregor Mendel
Gregor Mendel was well known for his contribution in the field of genetics. How well do you know the father of genetics? Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 14 08
573 plays
13 The Life and Times of Apple's Steve Jobs
One of the leaders of the digital revolution died in 2011. Here is a quiz about Steve Jobs and some of his milestones and inventions.
10 Q
Oct 14 11
195 plays
14 Carl Sagan
This quiz is based on facts from Carl's life.
10 Q
Jan 04 03
642 plays
15 Henrietta Leavitt
A short quiz on an amazing space pioneer.
5 Q
Feb 13 02
219 plays
16 The Life of Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall has greatly impacted the world with her research and contribution to the world. How much do you know of her life before and after her trip to Africa?
10 Q
Jan 07 07
414 plays
17 Fred Lawrence Whipple
Fred Lawrence Whipple was the son of a farmer. He was born in Red Oak, Iowa, on November 5, 1906. He died on August 30, 2004. He was a famous American astronomer. Take the quiz to learn more about him.
10 Q
Mar 06 07
168 plays
18 W T G Morton: The Man who Popularized Ether
Once Charles Darwin was asked what was the most important discovery in the nineteenth century. He replied, it was 'painless surgery'. The advent of anaesthesia has revolutionized modern medicine. This quiz is a tribute to the man who started it all.
10 Q
Oct 29 08
192 plays
19 Aristotle, Scientist and Philosopher
Here are a variety of questions about Aristotle...they range from easy to difficult. See if you can excel!
10 Q
Jan 22 01
456 plays
20 Synergetics- The Geometry of Buckminster Fuller
Prepare to be dazzled!
25 Q
Jun 08 01
969 plays
21 Sir Clive Sinclair
Sir Clive Sinclair is a British entrepreneur and inventor. How much do you know about this electronic wizard?
10 Q
Jan 21 09
231 plays
22 Alfred Russel Wallace, Unsung Naturalist Hero
Enjoy this overview of the life and works of the great 19th century naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace.
10 Q
Apr 03 10
165 plays
23 The Father of FM Radio
A 'rite of passage' in my youth was going to "The Haunted House" near the Amstrong tower in Alpine, NJ. But who was E.H. Armstrong? And why is he such a big part of your life? If you like the quiz, please rate it. If not, please let me know why.
10 Q
May 27 07
243 plays
24 Sir Joseph Lister
Sir Joseph Lister is called the father of modern antisepsis. (April 5, 1827 - Feb. 10, 1912)
10 Q
Oct 13 07
321 plays
25 Rosalind Franklin
This pioneering scientist made crucial discoveries in DNA research. See how much you know about her life and work. (Note: some terms have been changed from the U.K. spelling to the American.) Hope you enjoy the quiz. Thanks.
10 Q
Nov 01 07
204 plays
26 Famous Poles: Nicholas Copernicus
Hello everyone! This is my first quiz of a planned long series of famous Poles! This one is on Copernicus, one of the fathers of astronomy.
10 Q
Jun 18 07
345 plays
27 Madame Curie
This is a quiz on one of the most famous female scientists of all time. It covers her personal history as well as her scientific achievements.
10 Q
Apr 03 03
411 plays
28 Chester Carlson: Mr. Xerox
Businesses the world over are indebted to Chester Carlson, the man who gave us the Xerox copier!
15 Q
Aug 23 04
267 plays
29 Charles Kettering, Inventor
Charles Kettering (August 29, 1876 - November 25, 1958) was one of the most prolific inventors in the history of the world. You know and use many of his inventions, but do you know anything of the inventor himself?
10 Q
Feb 14 10
168 plays
30 The Basics about Ben Franklin
Think you know the basics about Ben Franklin? Take this quiz and see if you do!
10 Q
Jul 13 10
384 plays
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