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Play General Biology Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 So Big!
Everybody knows that the blue whale is the biggest animal on the planet, but there are some other organisms that are its rivals for size. Learn about these non-animal organisms that are some of the largest of their kind.
10 Q
May 27 10
2484 plays
2 Heart!
You've got to have a heart (at least, most of us do), so let's see what a variety of hearts can be found in the animal kingdom.
10 Q
Mar 08 15
258 plays
3 Water in Biology
This quiz was inspired by an essay I had to write in my final biology exam. Questions are based on the importance of water in biological systems. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 26 09
7914 plays
4 Mixed Biology Questions
Random information from first-year biology. Have fun!
10 Q
Feb 19 00
30918 plays
5 Biology Acrostic
This quiz tests your familiarity with concepts and terms of basic biology. This is an acrostic quiz: the first question asks for a nine-letter word, and the first letter of each answer to questions 2-10 following spell out that word.
10 Q
Jun 16 07
8319 plays
6 High School Biology Revision!
Were you paying attention in biology class? Take my quiz to test how much you know about biology topics covered in high school.
10 Q
Jun 03 09
7683 plays
7 The Amazing World of Biology!
This quiz is about the amazing and interesting world of biology! I hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
Jun 19 12
2106 plays
8 Tongue in Cheek
Let's take a quiz about that magnificent body part...the tongue. While you may not have ever given much thought to the tongue, here are some questions about it, complete with a little tongue in cheek humor.
10 Q
Aug 12 14
672 plays
9 Living Environment 1
This quiz if going to test your knowledge on the organization of life as it pertains to our living environment and your knowledge of biology. Good Luck.
10 Q
May 18 11
1578 plays
10 The Beauty of Bio
Bored about Bio? Well, take this quiz which will boost your interest in this beautiful subject. Good luck!
10 Q
May 13 02
11754 plays
11 Living Environment- High School Biology
The quiz material is beginner high school biology, taken in 8th, 9th or 10th grade. This quiz is based on the Regents Living Environment class in New York State.
10 Q
Nov 06 05
8994 plays
12 Anatomy and Physiology: Life Processes
Technically, what distinguishes the living from the non-living? Life processes! Human beings have 10 processes. Perhaps, you know more about them than you think. Come see! Plus a Bonus - A mnemonic device to remember them all!
10 Q
Oct 28 06
10218 plays
13 Biology Test
How much do you know about Biology? Test yourself.
10 Q
Nov 25 01
20511 plays
14 No Bones About It
Vertebrate animals have an internal skeletal structure, insects and crustaceans have an external one and some animals don't have any bones. See how much you know about bones (or lack thereof).
10 Q
Aug 30 13
588 plays
15 Biology Mix
This quiz has random biology questions from biochemistry, evolution, genetics, and other areas.
10 Q
May 28 12
1431 plays
16 Nutrition
Hello! This quiz comprises of nutrition and the way living organisms get nutrition. Have fun and enjoy! Don't forget to rate it!
10 Q
Oct 27 13
669 plays
17 Bag of Bones
Dem bones, dem bones... so how much do you know about bones? In this quiz you will find a variety of questions about bones, both human and animal ones.
10 Q
May 02 13
546 plays
18 Let's do Biology!
This quiz contains many questions based on what is taught in high school science courses. It will serve as a good review of these courses. So, c'mon let's play!
10 Q
Sep 23 01
13743 plays
19 Major Biological Breakthroughs
We will go over some major breakthroughs in the field of biology. The questions are diverse, just like the answers.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Apr 25 09
3084 plays
20 Classification of Organisms
This is based on the five different kingdoms that all organisms are classified into.
10 Q
Aug 06 03
7026 plays
21 Fun Biology
An interesting quiz on different aspects of Biology in general.
10 Q
Apr 22 02
13968 plays
22 Biology
Hi everyone, a little quiz to test the general knowledge of people interested in some biological matters. Try to solve it and then go to my next quiz (which will be a little more difficult and is planned for the first of July) Good luck.
10 Q
Jun 08 00
14214 plays
23 Another Biology Quiz
Here is a biology quiz for all of you. The questions are all multiple choice. Hope you enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 19 04
7227 plays
24 Freshmen Biology
This easy biology quiz tests your knowledge over basic high school biology facts. If you listened at all during biology class this quiz should be simple.
10 Q
Sep 14 01
12582 plays
25 Taxonomy
Taxonomy as defined by biologist Ernst Mayr, is the practice and theory of classifying organisms. Do you know which organisms belong to which categories? Have fun!
10 Q
May 03 12
714 plays
26 Biology
Let's see if you were paying attention in Science class, or if your teachers knew what they were talking about, shall we?
10 Q
Jan 22 03
12570 plays
27 A Terrible Quiz
On living things with dino or deino in their names (or to be pedantic din if precedes a vowel). Dino comes from the Latin or Greek for terrible (as in inspiring terror). Just select the correct definition.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jun 14 05
3681 plays
28 Useless Biology Trivia
Here's some completely random stuff on rather random subjects of biology.
5 Q
Feb 25 01
8697 plays
This is category 10901
Last Updated Jun 17 15 4:02 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Which of the following is found within mitochondria?
* In DNA, adenine pairs with thymine. But in RNA, what replaces thymine?
* What on earth does a restriction enzyme do?
* Mutations in which of the following kinds of genes causes cancer in humans (or so goes the current theory)?
* What is the scientific name of the fruit fly, an organism much beloved by geneticists everywhere?

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