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1 Physics IQ challenge
This is a quiz for all those players who love physics. You will get a chance to check your IQ in physics by playing this quiz, so be ready.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 11 14
207 plays
2 Time Travel
The idea of traveling to the future or past has intrigued people for centuries. Research in physics has shown that this concept may not be as impossible as it once seemed.
10 Q
Aug 21 08
5997 plays
3 "A"dventures in Physics Vocabulary
Physics is an "a"mazing field -- partly because of the "A" terms given here. Test your knowledge of the A Team of Physics!
10 Q
Oct 17 07
5040 plays
4 A "C"avalcade of Physics Vocabulary
"C"learly, "C" is a "c"rucial letter when it "c"omes to "c"omprehending physics. Test your knowledge of these important "c" words and phrases!
10 Q
May 17 08
3132 plays
5 Turn Up the Volume
This quiz will look at the science of sound used in concert halls or theaters, the science of acoustical physics. Don't fret though, we'll keep this quite simple.
10 Q
Aug 27 09
1860 plays
6 Nobel Physics 1901-1910
The Nobel Prize in Physics rewards the most cutting-edge science of its time, and no one ever said it was easy -- but I bet you know more prize-worthy physics than you realize! Test your knowledge of some of humanity's greatest achievements.
10 Q
Jul 30 07
2562 plays
7 "B"e "B"old with Physics Vocabulary
"B"ased on the laws of the world we live in, physics has long been praised for the "b"eauty of its equations and the "b"ravery of its theories -- and now these "B" words and phrases take their rightful place in lights.
10 Q
Dec 14 07
1641 plays
8 "D"erring-"D"o with Physics Vocabulary
When it comes to a "d"eep understanding of physics, the letter "D" is "d"efinitely "d"ecisive. "D"elve into the "D" words of physics!
10 Q
Nov 04 11
408 plays
9 Nobel Physics 1911-1920
The Nobel Prize in Physics rewards the most cutting-edge science of its time -- but I bet you know more prize-worthy physics than you realize! Test your knowledge of some of humanity's greatest achievements, from stellar radiation to the study of alloys.
10 Q
Nov 17 11
324 plays
10 Lucky Strike
When I go tenpin bowling, I rarely get strikes. When I do, I say it was a lucky strike. But there is actually quite a lot of science behind bowling. Do you know the science?
10 Q
Jun 27 13
447 plays
11 From The Universe To A Quark
This quiz is about "how it all works", from the scale of the universe down to the size of an atom. Have fun!
10 Q
Jan 11 13
402 plays
12 Understanding Physics
This subject takes me back to the start of first year in college. It was one of the harder modules I studied but one of my favourites. Let's see if you agree...
10 Q
Apr 10 09
2463 plays
13 Deforming Physics!
The following quiz is based on an interesting area of material physics - the deformation of solids. I hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
Dec 09 07
1272 plays
14 Physics for Teens
This quiz is about physics topics that are taught to 11 to 14 year olds in England and Wales. Are you smarter than a teenager? Based on the UK National Curriculum.
10 Q
Jan 24 09
3414 plays
15 The Physics of Football
A perfectly thrown football is a beautiful thing, as is the unstoppable run to the end zone. Don't tell the jocks playing Saturday but the key to gridiron success comes from physics.
10 Q
Nov 23 13
336 plays
16 Personalities of Physics
Throughout history, many notable scientists have contributed to physics. Here is a quiz on them and their contributions to science.
10 Q
Nov 08 07
2616 plays
17 Tabula Rosy's Learning Lab
Please enter my lab where I am enrolled in Physics 101. I am 'Tabula Rosa' not Irishrosy on the subject. As a pupil I have enjoyed researching my questions. Please enter all ye with knowledge of this subject and those who might be interested in it.
10 Q
Nov 14 13
222 plays
18 General Physics
I'm a science and math teacher. Let's see how well you've paid attention in science class.
10 Q
Jun 13 06
7362 plays
19 Mixed Physics
This quiz contains mixed physics questions. Enjoy!
10 Q
Sep 16 07
7443 plays
20 Fearsome Formulas
Explore terms used in daily life that pertain to formulas used in physical science. Learn many new formulas and refresh your memory with the old ones.
10 Q
Nov 29 05
6603 plays
21 Physics Trivia 2
You liked my first quiz, this is sequel to that quiz.
10 Q
Apr 27 04
4059 plays
22 The Magic of Physics
It may seem like magic, but it's not; it's physics!
10 Q
Oct 18 10
1233 plays
23 Nobel Winning Physicists, 1921-1930
The 1920s was a remarkable decade for physics, with the Nobel Prize going to names that are famous to this day. See how much you know about the work of these famous physicists.
10 Q
Sep 27 13
243 plays
24 Physical Quantities
Here is a quiz on some of the physical quantities that exist in our universe. Should be a piece of cake for anyone who's taken a physics course, and should be a challenge for everyone else. Enjoy.
10 Q
Jun 06 09
1611 plays
25 Physics Fun-sics!
Here's one that I hope will be a bit more fun.
10 Q
Dec 06 03
3972 plays
26 Derivatives and Integrals in Physics
The language of calculus was invented, in large part, to better explain the physical world around us. Don't worry, there are only concepts and no numbers involved.
10 Q
Jul 15 14
129 plays
27 The Physics of Radiation Therapy
Radiation comes in all sorts of forms and energies, with all sorts of consequences and all sorts of purposes. But radiation therapy harnesses some of the properties of radiation that many consider dangerous to actually do some good.
10 Q
Jun 10 09
738 plays
28 Physics Trivia
Some questions to test your knowledge of physics.
10 Q
Apr 23 04
6258 plays
29 Physics Concepts
This Quiz is mostly concepts and math that can be done in your head if you know the concepts. Use g = 10 meters per second squared to make it easier.
10 Q
Jan 27 02
6696 plays
30 Problems With Physics?
Just simple calculations here. Related formulae are given. Take g=10 m/s/s. SI units are used. Answer in numerals. All the best!
10 Q
May 22 02
2916 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* What is the name of the tube used to produce x-rays?
* Whose principle states that an experiment cannot simultaneously determine the exact component of momentum and position?
* Who developed an equation that relates wavelength and momentum?
* Which of the following represent three series produced by the hydrogen atom?
* If you apply twice the force on an object for twice the time, there will be a change in velocity that will be a (an)....

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