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Political Science & Philosophy

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1 Man's Inhumanity to Man
A look at some of the innocent victims of tyrants and tyrannies.
10 Q
Dec 08 02
8733 plays
2 Make Your Mind Up Time
A quiz about voting, with a bit of a UK bias
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
3 Belfast: A 'Who's Who?' of the 'Troubles'
A brief look at some of the key 'players' associated with the political conflict in Ireland's second city since the 1960s (and maybe a little while before). Not for the squeamish!
10 Q
Apr 23 10
282 plays
4 Politics: A Matter of Opinion
Many individuals have commented on the nature of politics and politicians. I'll provide clues that should enable you to identify the person credited with the comments or answer a question about the content of the quotation.
10 Q
Oct 10 05
1878 plays
5 Whatever it Is - I'm Against it!
Challenged by heidi66, I have come up with a quiz about political opposition, sometimes warranted, sometimes not. Anyway, whatever it was, they were against it.
10 Q
Dec 23 09
834 plays
6 Love Me, Love My Slogan
Planning to run for office? Overthrow the government? Take over the world? A catchy slogan will help. See if you can tell which of these worked in the past.
10 Q
Jun 20 12
492 plays
7 Who Voted For Democracy?
Politopia, the newest nation in the world, is forming a democratic government. Using your knowledge of political science and comparative politics, answer these questions about the underpinnings of democracy.
10 Q
May 20 12
348 plays
8 Basics of Political Science II
In this quiz you will find concepts that are essential to a basic understanding of the discipline of political science. I hope you will enjoy this quiz and that it sparks your interest to read more!
10 Q
Aug 04 04
1581 plays
9 How to Rig an Election
So you want to be a politician, but are too unlikable, untrustworthy or un-telegenic to get anyone to vote for you? Never fear. My 10 step guide will help you bypass all that pesky "democracy" nonsense.
10 Q
Jul 08 09
630 plays
10 Great Political Insults: Part 1
Names will never hurt me: There's nothing better than a fine-honed insult to bring the 'great and the good' down to earth. Political life provided a rich harvest. See how many of the insulted, and the insulters, you can identify.
10 Q
May 11 08
993 plays
11 Great Political Insults: Part 2
As an offering to those who enjoyed my first quiz on political insults, here are some more pithy remarks about the great and the good. If you laugh at any, remember that the trouble with political jokes is that they sometimes get elected.
10 Q
May 21 08
633 plays
12 I Love Politics. Do You?
Think you know political science? I'm not so sure you do, but take this quiz to be sure!
10 Q
Apr 05 09
810 plays
13 Environmental Politics
I focus on how the global political scene arrived at their current agenda re: environment
10 Q
May 15 07
399 plays
14 Political Sex Scandals #2
This is for those who asked for a part two. The questions have an international flavor but should be interesting.
10 Q
Jun 27 09
573 plays
15 Great Political Insults: Part 3
Seconds out; round three, and the gloves are off for some of the meanest political insults ever.
10 Q
Jun 03 08
564 plays
16 Terms and Concepts in Diplomacy
The quiz exams some basic terms and concerts that permeate the conduct of international diplomacy.
10 Q
Apr 19 09
450 plays
17 The Suffrage Movement
Over the years, women have campaigned, fought, and even died, for the right to be allowed a vote and a voice in the government of their home countries. How much do you know about their struggles?
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 19 07
438 plays
18 Basics of Political Science I
The following questions cover some of the very basic terms within the discipline of comparative politics (along with describing the works and ideas of some famous scholars within the discipline). Good luck!
10 Q
Jul 20 04
2295 plays
19 Marxism for Beginners
Marxism is a social science that is much maligned, little understood, and studied even less. See what you know about these basic Marxist ideas--you may even learn a thing or two!
10 Q
Jan 26 05
3828 plays
20 Political Quotes
Here are some interesting things politicians and political junkies have said. Some comments are vicious, others are probably libelous, but they are all good fun. Do you know who said what?
10 Q
Aug 13 02
633 plays
21 Quotations About War and Politics
War and politics influence our daily lives, so we better keep in mind what famous people had to say on these subjects. All questions are of the multiple-choice type. "Who said what" can sometimes be deduced from hints in the questions.
10 Q
Nov 14 02
1869 plays
22 Political Sex Scandals #1
Promising political and leadership roles have often been tarnished by scandal. Here are a few you may remember.
10 Q
Jun 21 09
750 plays
23 Quotes From Statesmen And Politicians
Politicians and statesmen do a lot of talking. Sometimes what they say becomes part of history. This quiz deals with such 'historic', or at least 'remarkable', words.
10 Q
Sep 22 01
3045 plays
24 Who Ruled the Longest? Part 1
Which of the four dictators, monarchs, or elected politicians ruled their country for the longest period of time?
10 Q
Dec 12 03
2790 plays
25 Political Philosophy
Some easy, some difficult -- from the ancients to postmodernism!
20 Q
Jul 15 00
3288 plays
26 20th Century Politics
These events are so recent you hardly can call them history. Just in case some events are already sliding off into a dim past..a quick reminder...
10 Q
May 15 01
4869 plays
27 Marxism 101
This is a little quiz on one of my favorite subjects...enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 27 08
660 plays
28 Words of Wisdom from or about Politicians
Sometimes we remember politicians for what they DO. Sometimes we even remember them for what they SAY. This quiz is about some of their funniest,cleverest, wittiest remarks.In one case it is ABOUT politicians.
5 Q
Sep 22 01
846 plays
29 Why Should I Vote For You?
Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Labour - you know all the common political parties that exist, but let's look at some more bizarre parties that have existed around the democratic world.
10 Q
Feb 20 13
291 plays
30 Parliaments of the World
This quiz is about name, numbers and location of the World's parliaments. Sources used are: The Oxford Dictionary of Twentieth Century World History, Microsoft Encarta, Software Toolworks Encyclopedia and my very own brain.
25 Q
Dec 12 00
1908 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* I believe in natural rights of all humans including the right to overthrow a government if it is denying basic human rights. These thoughts are contained in my book, "Two Treatises on Government". Who am I?
* I am the French born author who wrote the Spirit of Laws where I described the best government as having a separation of powers. The Framers of the American Constitution listened to me when they wrote in checks and balances. Who am I?
* Born in Geneva in 1712, I am an author who wrote "On the Social Contract". I described the idea of popular sovereignty. Who am I?
* I am considered to be the chief architect of Louis XIII's absolute power in France. I was a politician although my title doesn't suggest it. Who am I?
* This individual composed a lengthy work on the rearing of children, though he abandoned all of his illegitimate children to orphanages.

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