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The Birds

Created by mariannafunk

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Birds, The
The Birds game quiz
"I love classic Hitchcock. I hope you enjoy playing my quiz about "The Birds", and don't forget to rate it. Thank you!"

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1. When Alfred Hitchcock makes his appearance in "The Birds", what is he doing?
    He is winding a clock.
    He is missing a bus.
    He is buying birds.
    He is walking dogs.

2. Who plays Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner?
    Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant
    Kim Novac and Cary Grant
    Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor
    Grace Kelly and James Stewart

3. What is Mitch's profession?
    Investment banker
    Criminal attorney
    Corporate attorney

4. What really happened to Melanie in Rome?
    She willingly jumped into a fountain with her clothes on.
    Nothing happened in Rome.
    She took her clothes off and jumped in.
    She was pushed into a fountain with her clothes on.

5. What is the "little Brenner girl's" name?

6. Did Melanie and Annie Hayworth know each other from college?

7. What is the first strange incident with birds?
    Crows attack children at a school.
    A seagull hits Annie's front door.
    A seagull hits Melanie in the head.
    Gulls attack a man at gas pumps.

8. What does Mitch use to treat the wound on Melanie's head?
    Rubbing alcohol
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Soap and water
    Wet cloth

9. What is the only outfit that Melanie had to wear during the day?
    A light green, long-sleeved dress.
    A light blue dress with matching jacket.
    A light green dress with matching jacket.
    A light blue, long-sleeved dress.

10. What is the first strange thing that the Brenners notice at their farm?
    The love birds die.
    The chickens attack Cathy.
    A gull attacks a hired hand.
    Their chickens won't eat.

11. Where does a flock of birds first attack people that is seen by the audience?
    At the Bodega Bay School.
    At Cathy's birthday party.
    At the seafood restaurant in town.
    At the Brenner farm.

12. What kind of birds come through the Brenner's fireplace?
    Sea Gulls

13. Where do Melanie and Mitch first kiss?
    In the barn.
    In the restaurant.
    In the kitchen.
    At Cathy's party.

14. Does Annie Hayworth die?

15. What do Mitch and Melanie do when they find Annie?
    Mitch covers Annie with his coat and carries her into her house.
    Mitch kneels by her side and tells Melanie and Cathy to go.
    Nothing, they get Cathy and leave immediately.
    They call the town doctor and wait for him to come.

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