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Aussie Lingo

Created by soutee

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Australian Lingo
Aussie Lingo game quiz
"How well do you speak Australian? (or should I say orstraylyan). Remember, you need to answer what the true blue "Australian" definitions are. Find out below how much of an Aussie you are."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. To be "flat out like a lizard drinking" is to be?
    lying in the sun
    doing something extremely fast

2. What is a "pie-eater"?
    an idiot
    a baker
    a glutton
    a foreigner

3. If you were to have a "Captain Cook", what would you be doing?
    having a look
    plucking a chook
    reading a book
    nabbing a crook

4. A "Battle Ax" is?
    old fashioned term for wedlock
    a weapon
    your mother-in-law
    a board game

5. What are "tin lids"?
    your kids
    baby bibs
    telling fibs
    a lid for a tin

6. To "spit the dummy" is to?
    enter a spitting contest
    get very upset at something
    unblock a pipe
    wean a child

7. To be "beyond the black stump" is to be?
    in a lot of trouble
    at a fine eating establishment
    in the middle of nowhere

8. TO be as "full as a goog" is to be?
    not needing petrol
    over proud
    struck with influenza

9. If you were to "run around in the shower to get wet", you would be?
    very thin
    very dirty
    very weird
    have low water pressure

10. "Stone the crows" is said if you are?

11. What is a "snag"?
    a sausage
    a breed of fish
    a sensitive new age guy
    an author of songs

12. To have a "sausage short of a barbeque" is to be?
    ill organised
    running late
    simple in the head

13. To "pull up stumps" is to?
    finish a game of rugby
    clear land of trees
    dig a dam
    move house

14. What is a "Booze Bus"?
    a children's story
    a portable vehicle which stores alcohol
    police vehicle used to conduct tests to detect drunk drivers
    something hired for barbeques

15. Where would you be looking if you were watching the "bush tele"?
    the bottom of an empty beer glass
    at a TV
    at the stars
    into someone's eyes

16. If someone "Carked" it, what has happened?
    they were caught out
    they imitated bird calls
    they choked
    they died

17. If you were "vaccinated with a phonograph needle" you are?
    in pain

18. If you "chuck a wobbly" what are you doing?
    getting rid of garbage
    throwing something poorly
    throwing a tantrum
    losing your footing

19. What is a "wowser"?
    a prude
    a popular dog name
    a great party
    garish material

20. To "have a winfield" is to?
    slow down
    remember Paul Hogan doing TV ads
    go to a bush dance
    wait a few minutes

21. What is a "backroom waltz"?
    a private party
    falling asleep under a gum tree
    dancing solo
    being in trouble at a police station

22. What are you doing when you "crack a tinnie"?
    opening a can of beer
    win on lotto
    demolishing a house
    break something valuable

23. What is a "sloppy joe" in Australian slang?
    a photo album
    a jumper not made of wool
    a messy drunk
    poor penmanship

24. What's a "scone"?
    man made trailer
    a measure of weight
    your head

25. Some trivia: of the notable Aussie blokes and sheilas below, which one was actually born an Australian?
    Kylie Minogue
    Russell Crowe
    The Bee Gees
    Olivia Newton-John

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Compiled Feb 13 15