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Japanese Oddities

Created by hews

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Japanese Oddities game quiz
"Some of the things observed by visitors to Japan are puzzling. Hope you enjoy some of these strange but true factoids!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following things is MOST likely to be frowned upon by the Japanese?
    Drinking alcohol in an internet cafe
    Smoking in the bank
    Eating a hamburger on the subway
    Urinating in public (at night)

2. Women may not set foot on a dohyo (sumo ring) for any reason.

3. Which of the following combinations of items is available in vending machines for sale?
    all of these are available
    video cassettes, phone cards, ice cream cones
    softs drinks, eggs, hot coffee
    books, bottles of wine, packs of cigarettes

4. As an urban dweller, which of the following pieces of junk mail would one be LEAST likely to receive in one's post box in Japan?
    Brochures from massage parlours
    Supermarket specials
    Real estate brochures
    Car dealership flyers

5. Ok, now imagine you travel to Japan (if you are not already there!). Which of the following things is LEAST likely to happen on the subway?
    You notice the passenger next to you casually light up a cigarette
    You give up your seat for an older passenger and they allow a child travelling with them to sit down instead
    You accidentally step on somebody's foot and THEY apologize to you
    You notice another passenger travelling with three or four pets in a basket or cage

6. What is the legal age for the consumption of alcohol in Japan?
    there is no legal age

7. More of these are purchased daily in Japan than in any other country in the world. Which item is it?
    Compact Disks

8. Which side of the road do Japanese drive on?
    Answer: (left or right)

9. Which of the following two countries also double as popular coffee and chocolate brands in Japan, respectively?
    Georgia and Ghana
    Belgium and Guinea
    Brazil and Germany
    Sweden and Spain

10. As in other countries around the world, there are many different flavours of "Fanta" sold in Japan. But unlike in other countries, which flavour is by far the most popular?

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Compiled Jun 28 12