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Nascar History

Created by whiteflaglap

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Nascar History game quiz
"From 1948 to today, this covers all years of Nascar."

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1. What was the date Ernie Irvan announced his retirement?

2. Who was the first rookie to ever capture the pole for the Daytona 500?
    Loy Allen Jr
    Jimmie Johnson
    Dale Earnhardt
    Kyle Petty

3. Who was Neil Bonnett's crew chief for his first NWC win?
    Jim Stacy
    Harry Hyde
    Tony Glover
    Ray Evernham

4. Lee Petty was the winner of the first Daytona 500 in 1959, after the original decision was overturned. Who was originally declared the winner of the race?
    Johnny Beauchamp
    Richard Petty
    Joe Weatherly
    Junior Johnson

5. What year did Coo Coo Marlin retire?

6. Who won the very first Nascar sponsored race?
    Robert "Red" Byron
    Fonty Flock
    Jim Roper
    Lee Petty

7. Who was Nascar's last winner of a beach-road course race?
    Curtis Turner
    Paul Goldsmith
    Johnny Mantz
    Ned Jarrett

8. Who was Cale Yarborough's sponsor in 1976, his first of three straight Nascar championships?
    First National City Travelers Checks
    Holly Farms
    Union 76

9. Besides his dad, who was Dale Jarrett's hero growing up?
    Hank Aaron
    Richard Petty
    Johnny Unitas
    Arnold Palmer

10. Who was Bobby Hamilton driving for when he got his first NWC victory?
    Richard Petty
    Bill Davis
    Richard Childress
    Cal Wells

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