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My Favourite Musicals

Created by viva_diva88

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My Favourite Musicals game quiz
"Well, here's yet another quiz, but this one is a little different, because I will name a character and you have to select the song that they sing in the musical!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which song is sung by Sister Robert Anne in the show "Nunsense"?
    I Wanna Be a Producer
    I Just Wanna Be A Star
    Good Morning Baltimore
    Turn Up the Spotlight

2. What song is sung by Cathy (think Jason Robert Brown)?
    Stars and Moon
    The Schmuel Song
    I'm Not Afraid
    Climbing Uphill

3. Jesus Christ sings which of the following songs in "Jesus Christ Superstar"?
    Everything's Alright
    Heaven on Their Minds
    Poor Jerusalem

4. The single mother, Donna, sings which song in the hit musical "Mamma Mia!"?
    Knowing Me, Knowing You
    The Winner Takes It All
    Does Your Mother Know

5. Max Bialystock, famous producer, sings which song in the hit Mel Brooks musical "The Producers"?
    Keep It Gay
    I Wanna Be A Producer
    If You Got It, Flaunt It

6. El Gallo, in "The Fantasticks", sings which song?
    Much More
    It Depends on What You Pay
    Being Alive
    Try to Forget

7. Reuben, eldest son of Jacob, sings what song?
    Let's Get Joseph and Throw Him in a Pit
    One More Angel
    Any Dream Will Do
    There's One More Place at Our Table

8. In the show "Into the Woods", Jack (from the famous children's story) sings which song?
    Stay With Me
    Hello Little Girl
    Giants In the Sky

9. Billy Bigalow from the Broadway and movie musical "Carousel" sings which of the following songs?
    Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
    You'll Never Walk Alone
    What's The Use of Wond'rin'

10. All right. This is simply a question about the most hilarious movie ever created (in my opinion) starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. It is, of course, Mel Brooks' "The Producers", and is the non-musical film of his famous Broadway success of the same name. What does LSD's name stand for?
    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
    Larry San Dobo
    Lorenzo St. Dubois
    Laura St. David

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Compiled Jun 25 14